death is all around us wooogoogog

ah, well I've discovered I am indeed highly scared of death, here's the back story:

recently had some dreams which involves someone who has something similar to the "evil dead" inside them, and they go around with an axe throwing it and people, if u get hit the evil dead is transfered to u and the previous host dies. These may sound like nightmares, but its normally quite fun dodging axes while carrying on with normal dreams, anyway however this time for some reason Amy Firmin had it, and we went down a blocked end and it hit me in the head.

anyway I was about to hit someone with it (think it may have been dan, sorry man) when I suddenly realised I was gonna die, and the shock and terror I got from that, I woke up within 1 second, and nearly smashed my head on the wall. I've never in all my life woke up so quickly from a dream. Awesome.


Anonymous 10:35 am  

thas deep, dude

Michael 11:59 am  

I had this weird dream last night. I was using my phone and then I was scrolling down my contacts and found Jacques Villeneuve. Which was quite random. Anyways I selected him and under the options was one saying KILL. So I clicked it and then my phone warned me that the he would be dead in under 24 hours and the police were coming for me. I then woke up in a fright and had to check my phone to ensure I didn't have JV's number. However cos this were 5am and I was still kinda asleep this blinded me- wot with the hectic size of the display.

My upgrade date is 28th December and I will probably get a Motorola V3 RAZR.

Tommeh 12:49 pm  

lol to reply to mike, razr's are HUGE, except very thing... yet prolly smaller than ur current phone.

and well when I got hit I kinda paniked, and in fact I think I chopped dan in half, then it dawned on me I was gonna die, and Amy firmin? I have absolutely no idea

David Hulbert 6:04 pm  

mikeypoo, read reviews of razorz interface - tis teh poopooness

get the mini version of your current phone

or a nokia n series :-P

i find my real life is a lot stranger than my dreams

Anonymous 10:46 pm  

Are the N series out yet? I really want an N70. I dont think there out til 4th quarter tho :(

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