science shinaniknees

yup, its that time of decade again when we go on a family outing! of such. we managed to navigate our way to The Science Museum, some cunning nano-tech there, which could be used on a "battlesuit", that could like make ur heart beat again if u hiccup and it stops.

me arriving at the Science Museum in a prototype Harrier Jump Jet....

...unfortunatly I crashed into Mika's formula 1 car that he foolishly and haphazidly left around...

..but its all good, this is my new hard-drive, it stores over 32kb!!!!, excellent

luckily I saw Charlie & The Chocolate Factory today, and as always Johnny Depp was pretty awesome, still wanna see herbie cos of Lindsey Lohan though. instead however I learn how to hack lifts (elevators)

furthermore, here's a collection of words to help you become a better sales(womb)man via (bad(terrible(horrendous))) example:

"Hello, Gr peninsula eetings at the best PharmzShop!

  • unfeigned Stable L0W PRlCES
  • Worldwide guaranteed deIiever astronomy y
  • Ea billfold sy to 0rder
  • SAVE UP frostily TO 70%"

  • and so concludes my history lesson. exits are to your right

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