for all u neighsayers...

Here is proof that I do actually do something productive with my day - in this case I am reading Principles of Three-Dimensional Computer Animaton by Michael O'Rourke

However also, here are my 29/43 so far Things - anyone got any more suggestions for moi?

I've just realised that also I'm never gonna be able to be a child acting protégé (rachel showed me how to spell that, cheers!), which therefore means I won't be an awesome superstar in america, or be able to date Lindsay Lohan. dammit. I gonna end up being some "network supervisor" or sommit, in which I get to drive a Ford Mondeo, instead of a Mclaren-Mercedes SLR. bum clouds.

I'm running outta time to be a rockstar as well, would help if I could play the guitar. Or sing. or play the drums. even more arsecakes.

In lighter news, england seem to be hitting a ball with a wooden stick pretty well, and are currently on 193-2, in their first innings. oh wait 194 now. funtabibble


Stuey D 5:47 pm  

That book has flowers on it! That aint no computer book foo


Anonymous 10:32 pm

David Hulbert 6:26 pm  

mike, whos james allen?

Anonymous 10:19 pm  

The muppeted ITV F1 commentator. Foo!

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