Shocking news of what really happened last saturday!!!

"aha" pondermanated Simone as she plotted her devishily cunning plan....

after much hand burning but successful modern arting, a magical conundrum was created... "wooo" menstruated Danu...

"hey! I find your lack of wisdom degrading" offered Jazz in a bemused fashion....

..and with that visionary powers seised operation as rex pondered the effects of alcohol on his test subjects...

....and people slowly....

...blurred into the background.....

and so I managed to piece together a few memories and what people have told me, the main highlights were the walk home where first of all:

  • me and dan attempted to roll down a road - this failed due to pain and cars
  • we then proceeded to can can down the road
  • this was shortly followed by jumping into a large bush, which soaked me
  • then we were going to jump in a HUGE flower pot but I pushed dan in it instead
  • unfortunatly then dan found a clothes drying device and wore it
  • Then dan tried to get into a trolley, fell backwards in it and got stuck
  • then I had the bright idea of tipping the trolley over to get him out
  • blood, followed by my zombie impressions in the graveyard.


Rex 2:56 pm  

You 2 sure did look fine can can-in down the hill and then the Danu shaped indent in the flowerpot was classic. And then poor Dan gettin his arse wedged in the trolley - glad I didnt need to breathe. Altogether an extremely funny walk home. And no, I didnt burn in the hole in Dans hand

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