Howz dat?!

very nice thank you....

we play cricket today on proper pitch and all, I can bowl pretty alrite, but batting is a kinda lucklusta affair of me just being able to wack it, and not direct it, and hence nearly taking down Mark. Excellent fun.

Saw Crash at the moving pictures. Twas pretty good, but if u don't wanna see it here is a basic summary of the message behind it, broken down piece by piece its still quite complicated:

"Everyone is racist"

on a more happier note, check out the mmorpg: if u sign up before 15th Jan, its free free free free, cos they got a system of advertising boards running advert clips, very clever. Also my bitorrent of it is going nearly 200kb/s, and its only 800mb. How erogenous.. sleep now for packing 2moz


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