shock news from the Far2Narf Productions camp!

since the release of the highly successful ExFlow video, a rival studio (current name unknown) has released a video called ExBlah, which in the same hard hitting style as ExFlow, delivers laughs and cheese.

so my good man, Far2Narf Productions sees your ExBlah and raises you a Mike Dance Workout!!

Thats right children for a limited time only (until the internet dies) view it at Far2Narf Productions!


in other news Adobe Premiere is quite cool, and well... I went to the gym?... *sighs* wooo


David Hulbert 6:18 pm  

nice 1. if only i couild b bothered, i could out video-produce u all!

Tommeh 6:19 pm  

very likely

Rex 7:21 pm  

Some slick moves from Mike there and i will have to use the Goffer technique some time. Nice putting together there mr tom - you should be a porn director or something of the likelihood

Tommeh 7:27 pm  

lol that would indeed be an excellent job, I gotta learn this program for next year anyway, might as well get some boobies wit it

Michael 4:27 pm

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