bbq extravaganza

shockingly a group photo was created, even though their was quite a fallic savaloy in it...

ah computer games, is there anything they can't do (answers on a postcard to PO BOX IDONTCARE)....

..adam after finding out I was not in fact in love with him....and after puttin on rexxor's glasses...

...the real contents of burgers!

excellent weekend, apart from me throwing up extremely violently on the friday nite, but still much good, alcohol, food, frolicking etc. I think overall I ate my weight in meat. I think we left ruffle's place quite a mess :( sorry ruffle!

Mashed is an awesome 4 player ps2 game, very addictive as well.

Awesome weekend, now to dance.


Michael 7:35 pm  

Projective Vomiting is awesome.

Michael 10:11 pm  

1am pandemonem, ja rule comes on, all known then?

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