pass the pork fool

I wanna buy this poster I think, anyone find it cheaper than 5.99?

today I've mostly been trying to find websites with ppl from skool on, and failing drastically, do u lot do nothing at uni/work etc?! fools. All i found was some football team that was created in like 98 that must be dead by now.

Luckily today its the start of mega ruffle bbq of mega doom and awesomeness weekend. Even colin's coming back from his Intel headquarters, so basically expect much of this, this and this.


Michael 11:58 pm  
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Michael 11:59 pm  

Mike says:

for sure. until i see u twat a kumquat i will be the kumquat holder. go and find and twat a kumquat!!

Stuey D says:

damn u foo

Stuey D says:

i will hit the first kumquat i approach with a stick

Stuey D says:

and when i do

Stuey D says:

u will know who the kumquat champion is

Stuey D says:

uh huh!

David Hulbert 7:50 pm  

this is what we have 2 do

David Hulbert 7:51 pm  
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Tommeh 7:21 pm  

dang thats good

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