4 games/vids to fail your degree to:

Dolphin Olympics 2 - The best dolphin based game sequel around

Anti-Tower Defence - Flip side experience

Budapest Defenders
- Flop side experience

A Lego production line that builds little Lego cars

Kids that ride a crazy-ass zip line to school:

Things I Like

I like the blackest, darkest coffee.

I like the feeling of waking up early, knowing the entire day is ahead of you, stretching out deep until the night.

I like nostalgia.

I like Coffee House music, that balances relaxation and calm, with reminiscent warmth.

I like the glow weak outdoor lights emit, when they cast an orange haze across forgotten areas of urban landscape and give an eerie romance to common objects..

I like positivity, optimism, saxophones and brutal despair.

I also like paradoxes.

Unconnective ramblings... Part 1

Is caffeine exponentially delibitating? I'm not really sure what I was trying to achieve with this thought. Especially as I don't think delibitating is a word.

Discussing the project mark scheme:

Tom: I wonder what is defined as flair?
Dan: Glossy handbags

I'm also hoping by the afternoon tomorrow I'll reach a state of delirium where I can blog and code at a heightened level of awesomeness. On the other hand....

I bought a Sata cable woo! now where are my fucking bluetooth headphones. I need a zen bluetooth vomiter.

New Word: sitcomas - you can infer what it refers to.

I bought: 2 salads, 1 baguette, 3 pot noodles, 1 BIG packet of crisps, a nutrigain bar, 4 pints of milk, and 6 cans of pepsi max

and all I have left is 1 pot noodle.

People often ask me, Tom why is your blog so successful. I say its simply all to do with quality standards. And the fact I have none.

There's an orange moon tonight.

I love music.

I might go to china or somewhere and learn mandarin intensively. Could be cool? OFFER ME SOME CONFIRMATION YOU FOOLS!

What do I want to do?

Whatever it is, I want a year of it.

Insight is blinding in hindsight

Tommeh: omg I'm the peak of unfitness
Tommeh: my GA would replace me without a second glance, no ties have to be broke randomly
Tommeh: Stephen Hawking could beat me in a foot race
CowboyDan: lol @ humor !@ physique
Tommeh: I need lollerskates I think
Tommeh: and to top this all off I just went to the shower in my towel, and a korean girl comes round the corner, and like pauses looking at me, and I dunno if it was in awe or in disgust
CowboyDan: lol, I'm sure it was in awe of the european physique
Tommeh: lolz, I'll have u know I'm english not european
CowboyDan: was she hot ?
Tommeh: I dunno, I've seen her around I thought she hated me
Tommeh: but I've held the door for her a few times, so dunno
CowboyDan: nice
Tommeh: maybe she'll surprise me in the middle of the night in a nightie wanting some lovin'
Tommeh: then again she may gut me instead
CowboyDan: well at least you'll get some hot korean sex, and a knife
CowboyDan: knives can be very useful you know
Tommeh: I dunno, I'm not into blood play, sounds a bit crazy for my liking

You may remember

I posted a quote by Edvard Munch that describes how he felt a scream through nature.

Well I just went to get some hula hoops (now in healthy flavour!) and a diet coke, and on my way down to the porters' lodge I looked up at the moon. It was goldenie orange with swispy scratchings of clouds around it, and I suddenly felt enraged at the lack of effort and work I've done in the past two days. I think it may have been an epiphany. Anyway, I think I was rewarded by the vending machine, as I got a free packet of mccoys as well.

This post is mainly to remind myself in the coming three weeks to actually work like a nutter. Nuff said. Oh and don't get drunk.

And your songs will be breaking all hearts again

Note To Self: Don't give up on albums so quickly, Kill Your Own is awesome.

Today started off moderately Brisk but soon warmed up with clear skies arriving from the south west and a warm upwardly breeze near your skirt. I mean.....shit.

Had a meeting with Ed today, was 1 hour and 15 minutes long and we managed to settle on some crazy ass Genetic Programming Regression algorithm. Looks scary, I have zero time to do any of this and he's gone on holiday now. I cry. I may get my research published though, if it gets accepted...

Current Addiction: Forza 2 - I've played WAY too much of this today, but ah well, its good fun. Work tomorrow. And perhaps food.

DUCKS!!1!!!!one!!!The Barker Family Motto:

"Ladies quod Liberalis : testis. Ut est totus"
... nah I'm kidding, apparently it's actually:

"Fide sed cui vide" or in English:
"Trust, but in whom take care".

Enough now.

Why I should write 19th Century Literature

"I see you found my clit bangles" he said with surprising sincerity.

"why yes darling, I was mearly sifting through this collection of lint-"

"Ah yes, how convenient. I believe you have been hunting for them for some time."

A look of intriguing bewilderment flashed across her face, as she pondered a tactful response.

"dear, you're wearing them in plain sight....."

Worst. Poem. Ever.

Lying in wait, amongst the wickedest weather,
For nothing of power can be buried forever,

As from times long gone past
A withered legacy of a sullen task.
For only in the rain.
The nikeman cometh again...

Life Observations

The above photo shows the pricing of "The TechGuys" at PC World. I was looking at this and VOMITING at the shocking pricing of everything. Memory installation costs 14.99. You may think "ooh that's not much", it takes like zero time and effort, take off the case, shove the memory in a slot. Job done. No software or anything. Software Installation 29.99. WTF? that's how much software costs and they're charging you that much to stick a CD in the drive and hammer the next button!? I would go on, but I don't want to fill my blog with ranting. Basically befriend someone who knows about computers, then swap some good old fashion lovin' for computer help. Apparently it's worth it.

This may look like an average paper recycling bin, but you'd be mistaken. If we look at the items that are wanted, and the items that are not wanted we see a worrying pattern. Every single piece of "wanted" paper contains personal/private/delicate information, while all other paper is generic paper waste that will be unlikely to contain such details. Man, Cory Doctorow would be all over this....

Love of the Loveless

I'm currently stuck with my 3rd choice mp3 player (my phone) as 1) My iPod Shuffle is still lose 2) I can't find the cable that charges my Zen. Tit wangles.

Russians in my way all day, though when I say all day I mean in the laundrette. But I mean, come on, you let people THROUGH a walkway, not stand topless (was a fat dude) and motionless. As my twitter pun went "rushing past russians". haw haw, gunf.

I woke up today - according to my notes. I love Eels, yum yum yum. Of course I'm talking about consuming the musical intricies of one Mr E, not masticating on a diverse range of sea dwelling creatures. On this note, what is the best way to expand my vocabulary? I imagine probably just reading. Damn I have no time.

It might be nice to create a random acts of kindness website. Then it again it might be horrendous. I don't know, I wouldn't wanna hazard a guess, the consequences could be dire.

I have suddenly realised I'm attracted to girls with lots of writing on their hand, possibly because of slight hecticness or it just looks cool, or that they have a torrent of creative thought spilling out of their brains on to their hands.

New Hobby: Replacing random pages in people's work with "This page has been censored/quarantined"

Emo Stick Men...

Things I watched today instead of working

Brick: Again I reiterate, this is one of the greatest films ever. Love it to bits.

High School Musical 2: Nearly as awesome as the first, and as I said to Raffle: it's hard to quantify awesome. Though obvious Brick is better.

Evan Almighty: Meh, tis alright, nothing special. CG is a bit suspect. I bet SuperBad will be 100 times better, but it passed the time while I struggled with java.

Voices tell me... tell me to kill myself... what to do? what to do?

Fads are cool. I have yet to see if twitter will be. Or just be time consuming and annoying.

Ed wants me to work till my fingers explode, little does he know that I am lazy and unmotivated. Actually he may know that...

Wenger said recently: "Sometimes I watch tapes of Arsenal games and I see a man on the touchline I don't recognise. Then I realise it is me and that can be frightening." This is indeed worrysome, as he looks exactly the same as he did 7 years ago. On the topic of football, I forgot to mention I stayed up massively late, like till 4/5am to watch LA Galaxy vs DC United play. It was streamed legally for free! Now that's awesome. Beckham was extremely good, very pleased for the old lad. England V Germany soon (wednesday).

Last night I had a dream we went on holiday, and we went to a Maccy D's on the beach, and then I lost my memory like I was drunk, except I had no alcohol. And I woke up the next day. So we went down to the beach, and English Danu was doing something crazy so we went in the water. Then a tidal wave came. And I remember thinking that the water effects in my dream were crap compared to Bioshock. Which promptly woke me up.

Over Interpreting Smiles...

"Live a good life. If there are gods and they are just, then they will not care how devout you have been, but will welcome you based on the virtues you have lived by. If there are gods, but unjust, then you should not want to worship them. If there are no gods, then you will be gone, but will have lived a noble life that will live on in the memories of your loved ones."
~ Marcus Aurelius

Bask in me...

Squirrels came into our kitchen today. I didn't invite them, I'd lost my invitation creation kit. But they got into someone's cereal and it went EVERYWHERE. Totally gnawed a hole in the side of it, extremely hilarious, especially as I didn't have to clear it up....

Plus I think it hid the fact that one of my smoothies LITERALLY exploded in the fridge. Ah well, caps will save the day.

Check this extremely awesome AI technique for images, it's actually amazing.

Apparently if you have Gymnophobia u can never be naked. Which would suck if you were being born. Or a nudist. Or most raw animals. And indeed a few fish.

I was on campus until 3am or something working, then I Walked back and there were badgers everywhere. One ran into a fence, as such, and another just pootled around the ground. Silly badgers.

Lollercaust! Videoz!

Meanwhile in the bat cave...

I woke up at 11am after going to bed at 5am, still with a lot of work to do. Oh how you mock me imaginary Jefferry on the left shoulder....

So it turns out Bioshock greatest game ever. Started it up, watched the beginning intro sequence, and I was like "whoa the water effects are amazing in this cut-scene".... Then nothing happened for a while, and I realised it was actually in game. The whole demo is extremely awesome, go buy a 360 and play it now, and it will prolly take a lot less than a whole day to download now the rush has calmed down....

Stranglehold is also very good and very max paynesque, though lacks max himself, who is equally awesome. Other demos I tried today instead of working include Stuntman and Tenchu. Both meh.

In related news: my computer is still sexy, my sleeping hours are horrendous and I did some work..... more BioShock:

Code Alert! - If you get this error:

The item "SomethingSexy.cs" was specified more than once in the "Sources" parameter. Duplicate items are not supported by the "Sources" parameter.

If you do some crazy ass copying of cs files, sometimes it fucks up the sources parameter in your csproj file. To fix, just open up your csproj file in notepad or a better alternative and under the Project\PropertyGroup\ItemGroup\Compile node "SomethingSexy.cs" will be referenced twice. Just delete one of them and the world is your oyster. Or delete more stuff and break your project. either way....

So exaggerate and t-t-t-trick me..

So apparently resizing partitions that have corrupt data is a bad idea. And my windows and pc were completely pooped. So now I've reinstalled a fresh version of windows, lost no data (just about) and my pc is actually fast?!

And fully up to date for once, plus has lots of new cool tools and no clutter... possibly. AND to top it off I just copied my firefox profile and it all works sensually. Only prob is my RAID controller don't work cos I can't find the drivers, and so can't access my new hard drive. Bastards.

In less stressful news I hit some serves on the court today to relieve stress, and because the fences are all bent up I lost a ball in the bush. While rooting around a couple came by and were like "hey fool, what you doing" so I explained my predictament and then they said "don't worry, we'll let our dog find it" and he just ran into the bush, found the ball and dropped it at my feet. Proper lassie there.

Whoo exeter is in decent res on google maps now!

Hey you crazy man, with the face made of giants.

whoa, some dude just got the world record for holding his breath under water for hte longest.... 15 minutes and 2 seconds!

I want to go to saunton sands to chill. I might tomorrow, depending on my sensualness.

Ways of destroyed myself today:

  1. Walked barefoot all over campus, and therefore getting blisters all over my feet so I can barely walk now
  2. open a can of tennis balls, and the metal ring pull device slashed my little finger viciously.
  3. hit my arm with a tennis racket
I just watched the entirety of The OC season 4. And although I wasted lots of time doing it, and it has depressed me because they all have pretty cool lives, I bet I still sit on my arse and procrastinate. Oh to be a someone. For instance, I was pondering: what if computers are my "talent". I don't think I want them to be. Also although it feels like I've been at uni all my life, the time here has also gone very quickly. Doesn't feel like I've gone to "uni". Perhaps I shoulda joined more societies. Been an activist. Turned into a hippy? Done something.?

I actually just censored myself because it was too sappy. Be damned with free speech.

My Hobby: Finding meanings in my music player's choice of songs when it's on shuffle.

Threading in C#: Code Alert!

Okay, so you have a GUI, and you think you're sexy. Then you run some big task and cos you're not using threads your GUI is as useful as a pile of potatos at a cannibal convent. Unless I guess they had humans in cages and fed them potatos to fatten them up... anyway...

So you have say Form1 as ur form class, it helps to have your main method in there as well for shits and giggles, then when you clicky a button you can just do something like this:

MainClass main; /* The class that has the method we'll use */
Thread mainThread; /* The thread object itself */

/* Instantiate the object */
main = new MainClass(arg1, arg2, bla);

/* Instantiate the thread and define the method that will be used when the thread runs */
mainThread = new Thread(new ThreadStart(main.Go) );

/* Start the thread */

And you're all like, "how terrible erogenous". If you want your method (Go) to have parameters, you have to do some delegating shit that I couldn't be bothered by. That's why all my arguments are parsed when I instantiate the mainclass. Also remember to slam using System.Threading; at the top.....

Then you're all like up in my grill saying "Hey Guy, I want to update some shitty form content up in here from my 2nd thread" so I'm like. K. When you instantiated the class object, parse though the form object you want to modify, set it as a global thing, then just have a method to change it:

private void ChangeStatus(){
if (labelstatus.InvokeRequired){
labelstatus.Invoke(new System.Windows.Forms.MethodInvoker(ChangeStatus));

labelstatus.Text = "Finished!";

If you don't do the invoking you get crazy errors like "Cross thread operation not valid: Go faceplant yourself"....

That's my c# tutorial for today. Apologises for the informal gangsta format.

Seperated by 237 miles, the silence of our troglodytic existence resounded across the cosmos. Our vocal intercourse, laced with pleasantries, cuts the gentle breeze as we waited for the climatical conclusion to this stratospheric voyeurism. A shooting star traces the contours of my vision while we marvel at the remarkable clarity of the heavens. The insignificance of our fragile existence reverberated through my soul, as the futuristic astronomical abode of our technologically advanced cousins travels fleetingly across the night sky.

Or in other words, Rex and I saw the international space station.

My Hobby: Slowly adding to the blog description over the course of X years and seeing if anyone notices...

I spy with my little eye something that begins with 'I don't care',
That this song, has a melody,
Or that the beats are not complex,
I'm just trying to make you sing,
And not be perplexed. - Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly

Today is Tom's clever day....

So returning to exeter, first thing I could think of to do was to steal the good features from Opera and find them for Firefox. Firefox wins again, I now have an even better Notes type thing that can capture sites and stuff, tis called Scrapbook.

So interestingly, I started copying a folder and the side of my computer fell off and landed in my sink....

I decided that was a hint to swap one of my bust hard drives for the new one I've had for months. So first of all I had to track down a screwdriver, luckily dan was well prepared for such an occasion. Then I snapped some plastic on the front of my case and dropped a pint of water on my keyboard, nearly smashing the glass, a plate and my foot in the process. After some dangerously suspect techniques, I replaced my hard drive. And apparently it works. However it is suspended in the air, with only screws on the left hand side and I have duct tape at the front of my pc blocking a hole I made. I also booted my computer up intially, and was confused why one of my other hard drives wasn't showing up. Then I realised I hadn't plugged it in....

Roflcopter Alert!!!!

(No Spoilers)

It's no mistake Tom is in tomorrow.

I nearly made a myspace today; that'll be me being sweeped up in the online social community explosion. Then I remembered how I hate myspace, and everything in my life fell back into place.

At some points I'm starting to get used to living at home, which scares me. But then at other times I get pangs of missing exeter, though I'm not sure if I'm just missing all my possessions....Though neither place has enough space for me, my room at uni is over crowded and actually has most of my possessions, yet I have no movement space and no room for my guitar. My room here is just as small, except there's no room for any computers, or desks or anything. The "spare room" where I normally set up my computer is so cluttered with junk its nearly claustrophobic, and I can't really find space to set up my electric guitar.

When I get a house I'm gonna need a bed room, a tech room, and a music room. As I also have a piano to put somewhere. And I'll need a library most probably. And a room with a pool table in. etc. I may even need a kitchen.

If I changed all the instances of "pipe" in this report to "pie" my project would be much more interesting. Anyway, fuck yeah, on to some programming, even if it's just simple file reading and euclidean distance stuff. A* tomorrow. Who reckons I can get it done by my meeting with Ed on Friday.. as well as having time to drive back to Exeter tomorrow morning. Don't answer that dan....


AI in your ass.

Craig Ferguson is a legend... "Hey, you got a light Mac?" "Nar, I've got a dark brown overcoat"

Hawthorne Heights = cool. Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly = very dope.

Track of the day: Plain White Ts - Hey There Delilah.

We're comatose but audible...

As the solitary warrior fighting the cause for blogging I often wonder to myself, between battles, if the scars of war are worth it. I would also like to point out to raffle that I have now blogged 107 times since she last blogged... 107!!!... I'm not sure if that is bad on your part or bad on my part...

In related news, check this shaz out. I've been put on the "I heart movies" press site? That's pretty dope... I should probably like use it more, or something... I have so many movies to add, argh.

ROFLors: Mike Soundboard

Looks like holiday plans for september are in full swing now, and when I say in full swing I mean they are very vague and no one even really knows if they can go and what a holiday is. I do know, though, that I want to write a novel. But I have no ideas, which is useless really, and I fear I could never write enough words, plus I tend to repeat so much vocab in my every day word-droolins anyway. For instance, I dare you count how many times I use the word "awesome" throughout my entire blog. Well? exactly.

Who the hell keeps driving by and beeping at my house, stop it! There's no point.

If anyone finds anything that offends them on here can you point it out so i can increase it for humours sake?

Reboot Reboot. Awesome.

Ladies and Gentlemen: clit bangles...That is all.

More Interesting Potter Extended Spoilage:
J K Rowling Web Chat
MSN J K Rowling thang

Counting Stars...

Today I took my mum out for lunch. *waits for the shock to die down* that's right I actually did something with a relative. Bonus points all round, then we went for a walk, bought some compost and went to sainsburys. Having a son who can drive a car is useful for mum's it seems. On an additional note, the lunch I had was steak and ale pie, much good, I had it with new potatoes and veg as well cos I was trying to counter-act the unhealthiness of it.

I have also discovered the secret to major and minor scales that if my piano teacher had just told me would have made my entire life easier. Literally it would have taken 30 seconds. Damn her.

I'm starting to really like Opera as a browser, even though it seems to take up more memory than I first thought. Unfortunately the notepad part is TOO useful, as now I have so much crap to blog I think I need multiple entries. To solve a number of problems I've ordered 512mb of RAM for my lappy, and assuming that works I can revert back to firefox. Because tbh not only do I feel like a traitor but I miss all my extensions and the spell check and it handles websites better. Yes I know i can get widgets but blah blah blah your face is stupid. Also my youtube addiction has reached a new peak, especially with the recent drama on it and lg15's season finale.

MWahaha, that'll stop the spammers, as some of you may know, two of my domains (that begin with d) have all their emails sent to me. Which I have only just realised accounts for 99% of all my spam. So I've stopped them, you can only contact me via my approved gmail address now. and maybe others but you don't really know those and they stink of debauchery.

New Plan:

  1. Learn Guitar
  2. Form Band
  3. Do Extreme/Cool Sports
  4. Get weather beaten look
  5. Win the girl and the day.
Now we must wonder if I can get the balance right by using the smallest amount of coffee possible so as to limit my caffeine so late, yet keep a decent amount of taste in my beverage. On that note, I also despair at the swaying levels of english this blog contains and at the amount of work I've done still not being enough. *sad face*

Narrative Blogs I've Inserted Recently:
Ad: "I've often wondered what might have happened if when we opened the steam room door, and all those chicks were in there, if we went in rather than going back out... prolly would have both slipped over instantly"
Tom: "or they would have taken us entering as a sign to start an orgy... there's an innuendo there somewhere"

And as the smallest violin in the world plays the smallest saddest song, I shed a single emo tear for my loyal phone. Once more the trials and tribulations of a corrupt bios have shattered its peaceful existence into a comatose state of being. As I struggle with the intricacies of mobile telecommunications via a water drowned excuse for a portable cellular network device, I reminisce of the times when Nokia produced phones of surprising reliability and I was never tempted by the glossy commercialistic gimmicky feature explosion that a gadget whore, such as myself, desires. All the while my iPod shuffle cries a silent scream in lost bewilderment at its predicament, as once more the juggernaut of technology marches forward, producing smaller and smaller devices, while single handedly increasing the Lost and Found storage requirements world wide.

Never to be forgotten, my 4 year old relic of computational "mobility" grinds to a halt once more, as the memory intensive lust of Java sucks its hopes, and algorithmic dreams dry. Its wireless desperately and blindly groping the radiowave landscape for the single wifi router within one metre of its battered shell. Only the solitary palm muting of Brand New haunts this desolate scene of brutal technological anguish....

For hope cannot be spelt in 1s and 0s....

"I dunno how you guys do things in Europe"
"New Zealand"
"yeah, probably..."

man I love Flight of the Conchords. I say it with authority,
battle rap on a hastings track, down the girlie's sorority
blog of blogging, a lack of jogging and lyrically linguistic jokes,
weekend of heat, and a ton of meat, and now my phone's broke

Sup fools

In orpington at the moment, I have a lot of blogging to catch up on, but to that later. Currently I'm trying to do things with my crappy laptop, so am replacing all my resource hungry programs. This is just a little note on what I've changed things to, in case anyone wants to reduce their memory footprint/usage on a crappy PC.

Music player: I swapped FROM Media Player Classic, which is pretty awesomely fast, to Evil Player, which has an even lower memory footprint (1-2MB).

Browser: Firefox, although is awesome really sux my 256mb of RAM dry, so I swapped to Opera for now, which seems to be better in various tests on the internet. Tho Internet Exploiter may be better in some cases, it stinks of doggy doo doo. Unfortuneatly, Opera seems to be sucking a moderate amount of RAM as well, tho not as much.

Bitorrent Client: Luckily I current use utorrent, and you can't get much better than that, so I'm sticking with that shizzle.

Messenger(MSN) client: This is kinda odd, MSN is sucky, then I installed pidgin (GAIM) but that used even more! Now I'm using trillian(which I used to use in my l337 days), which seems horrendous, 33mb at the moment. Now swapped to miranda, which is definitly better than all previous ones. Our final winner appears to be Easy Message, as although I can't set even a photo, it only uses 9MB, and minerva hurt my brain.

If anyone has any more suggests, comment it. As long as it isn't Safari.

Saturday's Child is like all up in your face getting crunk...

After a nice sleep, I was awoken by an awaking device more commenly known as a sound creation manifestation device. Wandered into town and met the fools, where we bought alcohol and more alcohol, then hit Tracey's House.

Then ensued possibly one of the greatest football events in many a recent year. Where the deformed 4 sided triangle of C was resurrected and we ran ourselves into the ground. Literally, many a burnt face and people verging on heatstroke I believe. Then we sat and had an awesome bbq, many thanks to Tracey and Colin's cookery skillery. Yum yum yum. We also consumed some nice cold beer, ruffle poured beer on his groin and a number of us gained a headache. Then Shing's amazing cake, which she claimed had been dropped before, was revealed, which was absolutely awesome. Major props. V.yummy.

As the day drew to an end we moved inside and watched Rexxor's bungy jump video and then we al started to fall asleep, so we went home. Very good day, amazing weather, bonus points all round.

Friday's Child is mostly asleep

Ze Night: After much debating on our destination for the night, we kinda settled on Beckenham. Had a drink in the george then hit the goose, where we got awesome steak and ale pipe, with mash and peas for only 2.99! and we got a plate of sausages, wedges and bread for 5.99, which was also alright. After a couple of bevvys we marched on towards london, where we realised that the only people who had come out were people who didn't live in orpington or the surrounding area... (moi, ad, colin, rex). We shook our heads in despair.

Luckily we arrived at Rileys and began 1.5 hour long pool sesh, and met Shing as well. Unfortunately we all were hit by mega tiredness and I nearly collapsed. while lying down. yup.

So we headed back around 11pm, I think. After shing had explain her crazy plan for cake domination. We all fear diabetes again. On the walk home I wish the chip shop was open, but my cries were lost amongst the foxes that hunted me like raptors. as in they were like raptors. Not they were hunting like they would if they were hunting raptors. Fool.

Friday's child is pedalling his warez...

Woke up surprisingly on time, and was greeted by the most amazin weather ever. oh yeah. Rex lost the tossing contest, and was the designated driver to our destination of Bewl Water. after fueling ourselves with a baguette made by British Petroluem, we hit the road and swiftly arrived. 6 quid for parking there now!, no matter, lots of bikes available and we slammed on the acceleration and surprised ourselves with our lack of death. It seemed as tho the hills that had nearly reduced me to an asthmatic wreck (which was impressive as I don't have asthma) last time, were less steep, and we soon powered round to the pub quite leisurely.

Pub lunch was excellent as always, and we all sweated lots while we all laughed about my sleaveless issue. Cycling then commenced till we reached the end where we all got topless and chilled on the dam type place. After handing our bikes back we got ice cream and watched windsailing type people capsize. Then we realised we'd better get going for the night "on the town"

Thursday's Child is potably pub-arific

As all good plans go, as well as poorly planned plans like this one, I failed to leave exeter bright and early and kinda left around 11.30am, but ah well. Trip back to orpington was pretty clear and music was pumping like a potable water distribution network. oh yeah.

Got back to orpington, this time with only a small hold up on the frickin' m25 and was like woo to the world. Then Rex, succesfully returned from his foreign slaughter, collected me avec adam to the pub-arific place... that is the pub. Much merryment was then had with raffle and ruffle there as well. We resisted kebab luckily, but then got distracted by Ruffle's house and the alluring shape of his george foreman grill. I mean ps3. Ninja Gaiden Sigma = the exact same as the xbox version... except easier. bastards.

Then sleep.

Wednesday's Child is an effin' wizard!

Today I have just played Harry Potter and The Order Of the Pheonix. and completed it. *wins* except I've done no work. shit.

Yeah I'm an achievement whore. W00tever. Oh, me and ad also played some gears of war on xbox live, which now kinda works on resnet. Pootangarama.

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