Counting Stars...

Today I took my mum out for lunch. *waits for the shock to die down* that's right I actually did something with a relative. Bonus points all round, then we went for a walk, bought some compost and went to sainsburys. Having a son who can drive a car is useful for mum's it seems. On an additional note, the lunch I had was steak and ale pie, much good, I had it with new potatoes and veg as well cos I was trying to counter-act the unhealthiness of it.

I have also discovered the secret to major and minor scales that if my piano teacher had just told me would have made my entire life easier. Literally it would have taken 30 seconds. Damn her.

I'm starting to really like Opera as a browser, even though it seems to take up more memory than I first thought. Unfortunately the notepad part is TOO useful, as now I have so much crap to blog I think I need multiple entries. To solve a number of problems I've ordered 512mb of RAM for my lappy, and assuming that works I can revert back to firefox. Because tbh not only do I feel like a traitor but I miss all my extensions and the spell check and it handles websites better. Yes I know i can get widgets but blah blah blah your face is stupid. Also my youtube addiction has reached a new peak, especially with the recent drama on it and lg15's season finale.

MWahaha, that'll stop the spammers, as some of you may know, two of my domains (that begin with d) have all their emails sent to me. Which I have only just realised accounts for 99% of all my spam. So I've stopped them, you can only contact me via my approved gmail address now. and maybe others but you don't really know those and they stink of debauchery.


Anonymous 9:03 pm  

*is curious* What is the secret to major and minor scales?

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