And as the smallest violin in the world plays the smallest saddest song, I shed a single emo tear for my loyal phone. Once more the trials and tribulations of a corrupt bios have shattered its peaceful existence into a comatose state of being. As I struggle with the intricacies of mobile telecommunications via a water drowned excuse for a portable cellular network device, I reminisce of the times when Nokia produced phones of surprising reliability and I was never tempted by the glossy commercialistic gimmicky feature explosion that a gadget whore, such as myself, desires. All the while my iPod shuffle cries a silent scream in lost bewilderment at its predicament, as once more the juggernaut of technology marches forward, producing smaller and smaller devices, while single handedly increasing the Lost and Found storage requirements world wide.

Never to be forgotten, my 4 year old relic of computational "mobility" grinds to a halt once more, as the memory intensive lust of Java sucks its hopes, and algorithmic dreams dry. Its wireless desperately and blindly groping the radiowave landscape for the single wifi router within one metre of its battered shell. Only the solitary palm muting of Brand New haunts this desolate scene of brutal technological anguish....

For hope cannot be spelt in 1s and 0s....


Anonymous 9:05 pm  

Yay for emo tears!
But woe for comatose phone :(

I really do like your writing style, btw. Just thought I'd throw that in there.

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