Unconnective ramblings... Part 1

Is caffeine exponentially delibitating? I'm not really sure what I was trying to achieve with this thought. Especially as I don't think delibitating is a word.

Discussing the project mark scheme:

Tom: I wonder what is defined as flair?
Dan: Glossy handbags

I'm also hoping by the afternoon tomorrow I'll reach a state of delirium where I can blog and code at a heightened level of awesomeness. On the other hand....

I bought a Sata cable woo! now where are my fucking bluetooth headphones. I need a zen bluetooth vomiter.

New Word: sitcomas - you can infer what it refers to.

I bought: 2 salads, 1 baguette, 3 pot noodles, 1 BIG packet of crisps, a nutrigain bar, 4 pints of milk, and 6 cans of pepsi max

and all I have left is 1 pot noodle.


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