It's no mistake Tom is in tomorrow.

I nearly made a myspace today; that'll be me being sweeped up in the online social community explosion. Then I remembered how I hate myspace, and everything in my life fell back into place.

At some points I'm starting to get used to living at home, which scares me. But then at other times I get pangs of missing exeter, though I'm not sure if I'm just missing all my possessions....Though neither place has enough space for me, my room at uni is over crowded and actually has most of my possessions, yet I have no movement space and no room for my guitar. My room here is just as small, except there's no room for any computers, or desks or anything. The "spare room" where I normally set up my computer is so cluttered with junk its nearly claustrophobic, and I can't really find space to set up my electric guitar.

When I get a house I'm gonna need a bed room, a tech room, and a music room. As I also have a piano to put somewhere. And I'll need a library most probably. And a room with a pool table in. etc. I may even need a kitchen.

If I changed all the instances of "pipe" in this report to "pie" my project would be much more interesting. Anyway, fuck yeah, on to some programming, even if it's just simple file reading and euclidean distance stuff. A* tomorrow. Who reckons I can get it done by my meeting with Ed on Friday.. as well as having time to drive back to Exeter tomorrow morning. Don't answer that dan....


AI in your ass.

Craig Ferguson is a legend... "Hey, you got a light Mac?" "Nar, I've got a dark brown overcoat"

Hawthorne Heights = cool. Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly = very dope.

Track of the day: Plain White Ts - Hey There Delilah.


David Hulbert 9:12 am  

Talking of BBC news. Did you know that there are currently 3 (yes, THREE!) headlines with the word probe in, in my BBC RSS feed! That's a lot of probes!

Anonymous 3:25 pm  

I realise that you plan to go travelling when you finish your Masters (woo for impending end of education!), but where will you be heading when you come back?! Come live with Shing, Rex, Russ and I! *nods* Rex and I will deal with the washing and drying up, Shing is providing the sugary sustenance, and Russ is providing, erm, World of Warcraft enthusiasm...Come on, you know it'll be awesome ;)

On a side note, down with Myspace. I am shocked and appalled that you almost fell into its clutches *shakes head in disbelief*

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