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Squirrels came into our kitchen today. I didn't invite them, I'd lost my invitation creation kit. But they got into someone's cereal and it went EVERYWHERE. Totally gnawed a hole in the side of it, extremely hilarious, especially as I didn't have to clear it up....

Plus I think it hid the fact that one of my smoothies LITERALLY exploded in the fridge. Ah well, caps will save the day.

Check this extremely awesome AI technique for images, it's actually amazing.

Apparently if you have Gymnophobia u can never be naked. Which would suck if you were being born. Or a nudist. Or most raw animals. And indeed a few fish.

I was on campus until 3am or something working, then I Walked back and there were badgers everywhere. One ran into a fence, as such, and another just pootled around the ground. Silly badgers.


Michael 8:24 am  

That video is the awesome.

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