And your songs will be breaking all hearts again

Note To Self: Don't give up on albums so quickly, Kill Your Own is awesome.

Today started off moderately Brisk but soon warmed up with clear skies arriving from the south west and a warm upwardly breeze near your skirt. I mean.....shit.

Had a meeting with Ed today, was 1 hour and 15 minutes long and we managed to settle on some crazy ass Genetic Programming Regression algorithm. Looks scary, I have zero time to do any of this and he's gone on holiday now. I cry. I may get my research published though, if it gets accepted...

Current Addiction: Forza 2 - I've played WAY too much of this today, but ah well, its good fun. Work tomorrow. And perhaps food.

DUCKS!!1!!!!one!!!The Barker Family Motto:

"Ladies quod Liberalis : testis. Ut est totus"
... nah I'm kidding, apparently it's actually:

"Fide sed cui vide" or in English:
"Trust, but in whom take care".


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