You may remember

I posted a quote by Edvard Munch that describes how he felt a scream through nature.

Well I just went to get some hula hoops (now in healthy flavour!) and a diet coke, and on my way down to the porters' lodge I looked up at the moon. It was goldenie orange with swispy scratchings of clouds around it, and I suddenly felt enraged at the lack of effort and work I've done in the past two days. I think it may have been an epiphany. Anyway, I think I was rewarded by the vending machine, as I got a free packet of mccoys as well.

This post is mainly to remind myself in the coming three weeks to actually work like a nutter. Nuff said. Oh and don't get drunk.


Anonymous 8:24 pm  

O dear..guess you're not doing pub golf then...

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