Voices tell me... tell me to kill myself... what to do? what to do?

Fads are cool. I have yet to see if twitter will be. Or just be time consuming and annoying.

Ed wants me to work till my fingers explode, little does he know that I am lazy and unmotivated. Actually he may know that...

Wenger said recently: "Sometimes I watch tapes of Arsenal games and I see a man on the touchline I don't recognise. Then I realise it is me and that can be frightening." This is indeed worrysome, as he looks exactly the same as he did 7 years ago. On the topic of football, I forgot to mention I stayed up massively late, like till 4/5am to watch LA Galaxy vs DC United play. It was streamed legally for free! Now that's awesome. Beckham was extremely good, very pleased for the old lad. England V Germany soon (wednesday).

Last night I had a dream we went on holiday, and we went to a Maccy D's on the beach, and then I lost my memory like I was drunk, except I had no alcohol. And I woke up the next day. So we went down to the beach, and English Danu was doing something crazy so we went in the water. Then a tidal wave came. And I remember thinking that the water effects in my dream were crap compared to Bioshock. Which promptly woke me up.


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