Seperated by 237 miles, the silence of our troglodytic existence resounded across the cosmos. Our vocal intercourse, laced with pleasantries, cuts the gentle breeze as we waited for the climatical conclusion to this stratospheric voyeurism. A shooting star traces the contours of my vision while we marvel at the remarkable clarity of the heavens. The insignificance of our fragile existence reverberated through my soul, as the futuristic astronomical abode of our technologically advanced cousins travels fleetingly across the night sky.

Or in other words, Rex and I saw the international space station.

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I spy with my little eye something that begins with 'I don't care',
That this song, has a melody,
Or that the beats are not complex,
I'm just trying to make you sing,
And not be perplexed. - Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly


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*basks in the beauty of the English language*

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