Friday's child is pedalling his warez...

Woke up surprisingly on time, and was greeted by the most amazin weather ever. oh yeah. Rex lost the tossing contest, and was the designated driver to our destination of Bewl Water. after fueling ourselves with a baguette made by British Petroluem, we hit the road and swiftly arrived. 6 quid for parking there now!, no matter, lots of bikes available and we slammed on the acceleration and surprised ourselves with our lack of death. It seemed as tho the hills that had nearly reduced me to an asthmatic wreck (which was impressive as I don't have asthma) last time, were less steep, and we soon powered round to the pub quite leisurely.

Pub lunch was excellent as always, and we all sweated lots while we all laughed about my sleaveless issue. Cycling then commenced till we reached the end where we all got topless and chilled on the dam type place. After handing our bikes back we got ice cream and watched windsailing type people capsize. Then we realised we'd better get going for the night "on the town"


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