Hey you crazy man, with the face made of giants.

whoa, some dude just got the world record for holding his breath under water for hte longest.... 15 minutes and 2 seconds!

I want to go to saunton sands to chill. I might tomorrow, depending on my sensualness.

Ways of destroyed myself today:

  1. Walked barefoot all over campus, and therefore getting blisters all over my feet so I can barely walk now
  2. open a can of tennis balls, and the metal ring pull device slashed my little finger viciously.
  3. hit my arm with a tennis racket
I just watched the entirety of The OC season 4. And although I wasted lots of time doing it, and it has depressed me because they all have pretty cool lives, I bet I still sit on my arse and procrastinate. Oh to be a someone. For instance, I was pondering: what if computers are my "talent". I don't think I want them to be. Also although it feels like I've been at uni all my life, the time here has also gone very quickly. Doesn't feel like I've gone to "uni". Perhaps I shoulda joined more societies. Been an activist. Turned into a hippy? Done something.?

I actually just censored myself because it was too sappy. Be damned with free speech.

My Hobby: Finding meanings in my music player's choice of songs when it's on shuffle.


Anonymous 8:58 pm  

Erm, lack of shoes = error.

Also, there are worse things than having computers as your 'talent', such as not having a talent at all...Plus, there is much more to you than computers, so I wouldn't worry :P

I often think that I should have done more at Uni besides work, but I thought you were someone who tried not to dwell on the past and regrets? You studied, you made friends, you had fun...that's not a bad outcome really :)

Anonymous 8:59 pm  

Also, I tried being an activist and doing all that student protesting and stuff. It just leads to extreme tiredness and sunburn *nods*

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