Meanwhile in the bat cave...

I woke up at 11am after going to bed at 5am, still with a lot of work to do. Oh how you mock me imaginary Jefferry on the left shoulder....

So it turns out Bioshock greatest game ever. Started it up, watched the beginning intro sequence, and I was like "whoa the water effects are amazing in this cut-scene".... Then nothing happened for a while, and I realised it was actually in game. The whole demo is extremely awesome, go buy a 360 and play it now, and it will prolly take a lot less than a whole day to download now the rush has calmed down....

Stranglehold is also very good and very max paynesque, though lacks max himself, who is equally awesome. Other demos I tried today instead of working include Stuntman and Tenchu. Both meh.

In related news: my computer is still sexy, my sleeping hours are horrendous and I did some work..... more BioShock:


Michael 3:11 pm  

Quick! Get your pre-order on like me. If you buy a sprite, enter the Wii room competition you will get £5 off coupon for which you can use to get the Collectors Edition of Bioshock for only £44.99 and it comes on the day of release!

Tommeh 3:19 pm  

Except the collectors edition is only on pc, and I need the 360 version. Plus u can get it for 24 quid off littlewoods, w00t!

Michael 4:54 pm  

Really? Something odd is happening I definitely paid for the 360 collector edition. I checked my invoice - 'Bioshock Collectors Edition (X360)", which is priced at £49.99! But it ain't on the site anymore!!

Michael 4:56 pm  

They hid the page -

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