Love of the Loveless

I'm currently stuck with my 3rd choice mp3 player (my phone) as 1) My iPod Shuffle is still lose 2) I can't find the cable that charges my Zen. Tit wangles.

Russians in my way all day, though when I say all day I mean in the laundrette. But I mean, come on, you let people THROUGH a walkway, not stand topless (was a fat dude) and motionless. As my twitter pun went "rushing past russians". haw haw, gunf.

I woke up today - according to my notes. I love Eels, yum yum yum. Of course I'm talking about consuming the musical intricies of one Mr E, not masticating on a diverse range of sea dwelling creatures. On this note, what is the best way to expand my vocabulary? I imagine probably just reading. Damn I have no time.

It might be nice to create a random acts of kindness website. Then it again it might be horrendous. I don't know, I wouldn't wanna hazard a guess, the consequences could be dire.

I have suddenly realised I'm attracted to girls with lots of writing on their hand, possibly because of slight hecticness or it just looks cool, or that they have a torrent of creative thought spilling out of their brains on to their hands.

New Hobby: Replacing random pages in people's work with "This page has been censored/quarantined"


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