New Plan:

  1. Learn Guitar
  2. Form Band
  3. Do Extreme/Cool Sports
  4. Get weather beaten look
  5. Win the girl and the day.
Now we must wonder if I can get the balance right by using the smallest amount of coffee possible so as to limit my caffeine so late, yet keep a decent amount of taste in my beverage. On that note, I also despair at the swaying levels of english this blog contains and at the amount of work I've done still not being enough. *sad face*

Narrative Blogs I've Inserted Recently:
Ad: "I've often wondered what might have happened if when we opened the steam room door, and all those chicks were in there, if we went in rather than going back out... prolly would have both slipped over instantly"
Tom: "or they would have taken us entering as a sign to start an orgy... there's an innuendo there somewhere"


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