Insight is blinding in hindsight

Tommeh: omg I'm the peak of unfitness
Tommeh: my GA would replace me without a second glance, no ties have to be broke randomly
Tommeh: Stephen Hawking could beat me in a foot race
CowboyDan: lol @ humor !@ physique
Tommeh: I need lollerskates I think
Tommeh: and to top this all off I just went to the shower in my towel, and a korean girl comes round the corner, and like pauses looking at me, and I dunno if it was in awe or in disgust
CowboyDan: lol, I'm sure it was in awe of the european physique
Tommeh: lolz, I'll have u know I'm english not european
CowboyDan: was she hot ?
Tommeh: I dunno, I've seen her around I thought she hated me
Tommeh: but I've held the door for her a few times, so dunno
CowboyDan: nice
Tommeh: maybe she'll surprise me in the middle of the night in a nightie wanting some lovin'
Tommeh: then again she may gut me instead
CowboyDan: well at least you'll get some hot korean sex, and a knife
CowboyDan: knives can be very useful you know
Tommeh: I dunno, I'm not into blood play, sounds a bit crazy for my liking


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