How To Be A Student:

Emulate my organisation skills

The greatest pirate ship ever?

Its debateable. There once was a drawer of pirate ships who was so good he exploded from his goodness. I fear this isn't an optimal route to follow.

Is this making a political statement?


Emo Stick Men....

Exeter and sunlight is a good combination *nods*

I bought a 360!

Indeed I did. So I can just about wave goodbye to my degree, and cry into my socks as I become overally addicted to every aspect of gaming that it offers me. However, I got an awesome deal, and everyone's presents for my birthday paid for it. Thanks guys!

Doing all nighters....

Me, a room fool of computers, and an Icelandic chum. How could it go wrong? By it being 3.53am in the morning, and being no where near completing my pattern recognition. Luckily as I am writing this well after I do indeed know that I finished it in time... if not a bit pooply... I mean: it'll be a miracle if I finish.

My Birthday!!!!

So once more I conquered time and against all predictions survived one more year to celebrate it in style. And in style we did, with much glee we began in the Ram with a drink here, a drink there, a drink in my face. Then from there we whisked ourselves back to our house where I was presented with an cake of fantastic proportions, along with lots of awesome presents (more later). From here we traveled at high speed towards town to a mysterious and unknown location, at least for me.

Our final destination was an awesome moroccan restaurant by the cathedral, where we got a much hearty selection of tapas style food, and I got a face full of awesome sparkly cakey goodness.

And holy moly that was a tasty cake. Like Holy. Moly. Pudding and more pudding. and fire:

After a successful eaterage we transferred ourselves swiftly to timepiece where we partied like it was my birthday, i.e. beer and sambuca in my face. Much awesome overall and I had an uber time.

People Count: Alex, Dave, Carlos, Claire, Katie, Kath, Louise, Maddy, Sam, Stu, Vicky,

To have a dream is only half the coefficient

So... you would think with the impending deadlines I have looming over my well crafted hair, I'd be doing large quantities of work. Well, foolish ignorant reader, I haven't in the slightest. Yesterday I managed to get up at around 11.30am, then me and sam decided to "screw the world" and grab luncheon down the double locks. Which was jolly nice, I had some crazy Chicken Sicelliene device, and large quantities of generic brand cola (it was actually Coke). A humourous puppy also fell into the river/canal/locks which was chucklesome. I also got scared by the crazy narrow plank of metal u have to cross to get to the pub, hidden away it is.

We then came back, and I proceeded to faff around with some matlab, and not do much in the manner of effective work. Luckily a trip to the ritazza, nearly fixed that, tho my laptop's battery is akin to a smurf. That would be short then. And then me and sam gave up with the world once more, and watched 4 episodes of Spaced. Dude tis awesome. If you haven't watched it, watch it.

Tried the new hotmail. Plargh. Gmail still arouses me more.

Today, I have a plan to do my selected topic's presentation and play badminton at 12 avec Alex and Katie.

Life Lessons:

Why girls suck at eating...

Why boys rule at identification of hazards...



Films To See At La Cinema (Possibly)

Out Now: Spiderman 3
Out Now: Wild Hogs
24th May: Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
4th June: Live Free or Die Hard
8th June: Ocean's Thirteen
15th June: Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
29th June: Shrek The Third
13th July: Harry Pothead and the Order of the Phoenix
27th July: Transformers
27th July: The Simpsons
10th August: Rush Hour 3
17th August: The Bourne Ultimatum
26th October: Saw IV
Unknown: Grindhouse

Have you noticed

when a large amount of interesting things happen, I'm way too busy to blog. But then when I have time to blog, nothing interesting happens. Its a vicious cycle, that only vast sums of whiskey and enough emo to make you puke can solve.

Unfortunately, I'm currently undergoing a non-strict alcohol boycott. Even more unfortunately for everyone else, there's no emo boycott. Check out Cute Is What We Aim For, they're a kinda power-pop-emo mash up with a side order of "lacking in masculinity".

In other news, I'm infused with Brand New. If you don't know them, you obviously haven't listened to any of my mad ravings about them the past 2 years. Shame on you.

oh. and I'm addicted to facebook. So same old really.

More later. Less laterer.


11th May: Selected Topics Presentation
14th May: Pattern Recognition Project
18th May: Particle Swarm Optimisation Presentation
21st May: Tools and Techniques: Java
28th May: Nature Inspired CA3
1st June: Selected Topics
4th June: Pattern Recognition: 7 workshop reports.

Place Marker: AI Social

How to be dope:

Robot Chicken: Star Wars

If you've never watched robot chicken. You lose sucker.

Hey *winks*

Things I have achieved so far today:

Woke up
Ate Breakfast
Sorted a Birthday Present
Had a coffee
Bought Jesus
Bought Kerrang
Listened to Cute Is What We Aim For

Things I haven't done yet today:


Things I haven't done for 2+ weeks:


Reason I'm awesome #135132

Would you rather take on a tyrannosaurus with a hat and cane, or a stegosaurus with wit, body missiles, leg guns and a rocket launcher on his head, in a battle to the death?

What about in a dance off?

What about in a cookery battle?

What about in a "best cane" competition when all you have is a bottle of 100 emo tears?

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