Sup foolios, people should get the game Gun, its all wild western and awesome. Except don't run msn at the same time, cos I managed to lose an hours worth of game with it, can't be assed to re do it and gonna uninstall it. But if you turn off msn, dang awesome game

Half-Life Owns Halo

Half-Life Owns Halo

That was a long post wasn't it children

“I have nothing to declare except my penis.” - Craig "Fill Your TV License Form In" David

I havn't done an actual update for approximetly the same amount of time it takes Ultra-Jesus to defeat Daniel "Evil" Beddingfield in a spoon and eclectic frisbee judging contest without his trusty ultra-shiny-shoes. Also, I think the below licensing things are wrong, because the Spoons website reports different opening hours, and it reckons Arena is open from 11am.

Quiz News: 2 weeks ago, Dave and Pete weren't at the quiz, and although we were pwning people, we then died horrendously in some crappy excuse for the last round. However in a strange twist of fate the last two teams (we came 5th out of 6th) fought for the money prize using the ancient technique of Rock, Paper, Scissors, Jethro Tull. I was chosen as our warrior, and via swift thinking I defeated him with slight of hand, pscyological analysis, but mainly by first covering his rock, and then cutting his paper. £30 was our win.

Last week we managed to be the only team there, though did have Dave and Pete. So we split into two teams, and with skill unknown to various homosapiens, me dave and chloe beat Pete, Mike and Nick, using our superior guessing skills. In the end we all won everything, and for free! and the quiz people want our babies.

Recently I've been writing 3017 words on Self-Organizing Maps, which seems cunning as I had a deadline for that exact document. Shazam.

Here's some cool links I've played with recently:

Random Quote

“I remember when back a long time ago in the future when ultra Jesus had to go forward in time so that he could be born and then travel back in time to death and take the place of his dead body and become El Ultra Zombie Jesus, but on this way back from his burial in Mexico to the US he was detained indefinitely by border patrol. That was one hell of a weekend. ” - Craig "so Wilde" David

New pub opening hours approved in Exeter - Shazam

New pub opening hours approved in Exeter - prolly more wrong that pete tong's schlong

Let them sing it for you

Let them sing it for you

Check This!

This. is craig david. if. he looked like dave. and had 30 t-shirts on. shizer...

...we own the bar!!...


A worrying dave theme it would appear throughout

PBS | I, Cringely . November 17, 2005 - Google-Mart

PBS | I, Cringely . November 17, 2005 - Google-Mart

This sounds awesome. Awesomely scary. But awesome.

The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot

Discover Music - Pandora

This is something incredible, perhaps better than music plasma and really friendly to use and informative. Word my fellow music junkies, go forth and junk out.

But not you dave, do you bioinformatics otherwise death occurs!


Boing Boing: Guy fixes computers in exchange for sex

Boing Boing: Guy fixes computers in exchange for sex

Fecking awesome, I need this job, screw you accenture (not really I love you, take me in out of the cold! argh!)

Teuvo Kohonen - a modern day self-organized Legend

Screw you Doyle, Kohonen Martinkeowns you!...mwahha...ahem

Adobe Systems Incorporated Terms of Use

Adobe Systems Incorporated Terms of Use


BBC NEWS | Technology | Microsoft to remove Sony CD code

BBC NEWS | Technology | Microsoft to remove Sony CD code

oh my god Microsoft have actually done something right! Sony gonna be like shit dawgs.

a sunny sunny afternoon

not sure where that came from, but imagine the scene, your sitting at your pc in the early evening, leisurely perambulating the interweb as such, but hark what is that one hears? a strange crunching noise? From where hence does that come? The road you say?

and shock horror, there's a huge comet lorry slowly cranching summer's car's wing mirror. "oh my" i declare "whatever can the matter me, that lorry must surely stop" but to my suprise it proceeded to accelerate out of the melee, and disappear into the lonely lonely night. Not without first denting the afformentioned Rover 100, and ripping its bumper apart etc. With the speed and agility of a porturican I grabbed a pen and paper and managed to jot down most of the number plate (VW55 if I remember correctly) and the timeage (17.13), and called unto Dave:

"sup girlfriend, check dis shizzle out homeboy, da truck gone and cranched up summer's car"

"w00t" cried Dave, "my car?"

"no shorty, it be summer's, ya dig?" to which he did.

Shortly following this conversation an exploration was constructed, chosing our best team of me and dave, we proceeded to "bang" on the streets doors till we knocked up summer. With the skill and trickery unknown to most mortals, we communicated the situation and comforted her with our bosoms. maybe.

In the mean time a crowd, as such, had congregated and we all went to inspect spring's car. Dave quickly lept to the rescue explain what to do and who to call, which spring was much appriective of. Meanwhile I was like "dang fools, I saw that, I am teh win, I got number plate and shizer, worship me"

to which spring was like "woop!" and I replied with a "honk".

drink down your gin and kerosene....

*rocks out*

awesome, anyway, I been working like non-stop. Not efficient working, but working all the same, I've run outta ink though dammit. I kill many things.

World Processor - Interesting world viewage

Now I just need to apply to accenture, I am the win. Also I did bioinformatics (in theory). Starbucks I suspect today, time to charge my Fall Out Boy player.

Not been a very exciting post has it? see what happens when u don't mention Craig David!

Random Quote

Keep quiet,
Nothing comes as easy as you.
Can I lay in your bed all day?
I'll be your best kept secret
And your biggest mistake.
The hand behind this pen relives a failure every day

webster's dictionary...

...defines a student newspaper as " a biased excuse for a news reporting document, whose mission statement consists mainly of finding an obscure story, spin it to attempt to prove that as many guilds/student unions/universitys/commercial companies/charities are as bad as possible. Most are run by the Evil Daniel 'not quite as cyborg, cyborg jack" Beddingfield - related: Micheal Moore"

exactly... I done some work today and careers woman loved me up some... as did the corne dude.

Nuff' said.

I hate making up titles

"This 'boing' is made for peeing,
and that’s just what it’ll do.
One of these days this 'boing's gonna pee all over you"
- Craig "that shouldn't do that?" David

Enough of that really, we went to the quiz yesterday but it was cancelled in a shock bust up, between us and the fact there were no other competitiors, so we got free entry next time! yay! Plus we then made up an awesome alcohol round, which somehow dave managed to convince them meant we had to have free beer. A job well drunk mr dave. Seeing as the lemmy shut at 9, we had to waddle over to the ram, which was cool cos I saw clair, dave de la hardcor and beax.

Advice from Professor Bookshank: if you were a lowly exeter student... and there were 2 pigeons on the roof near ur window that were being noisy... and you wanted someone to get rid of them... and u found someone who's like hazaar!....and owns a water balloon firing device....and you want them to shoot a water baloon at the pigeon... resist, cos it smashes windows...

In other news we broke louis' window....shit.

News Flash:

In shocking and stunning news today, we have learnt via various popular rnb artist sources that my blog has been known to warp and "scar" people permanently. Without the quick wit and stunning fashion that usually exubes from here we were unable to defend ourselves in time, however luckily we comissioned 2 independent reports on this matter here are the findings:

"On a scale of 1 to 10 I find this blog to be Booshank" - Professor Booshank of Bookshank University, Booshank.

"This is like the time Craig David saved 25 orphans from a mutated combine harvester while accepting his nobel prize for his accomplishments in the field of 'being all over your...boing'. In conclusion this blog is safe for ingestion." - Craig "I ain't saying she's a gold digger" David.

the gospel according to:

Cheese on toast: First there was Toast, and the Toast was like "dang I be alone and not that street really". Then Craig David was like "when the crowd say bo, apply Cheese liberally" and henceforth cheese was combined with toast for a yummy warm feeling in your tummy.

I got fined 10p today by the library, but apparently if I hadn't paid it when (sic) I graduate i wouldn't be given my degree, cos I owed the uni money. Which was nice.

I failed to buy a bookcase as well today, due to various oddities and lazyness, but I did end up going to Starbucks with the guy I like to call "Mike the Cuddler". He disapproves.

btw I conned 2 supermarkets yesterday, but I can't be bothered to tell you why, just believe it was a great show of gritty character and somewhat suspect dance moves.

Random Quote:

"Dang its cold, like that time Craig David was locked in a Chiller by the Evil Daniel Beddingfield, and was forced to escape by only use his vocal talent and a craftily shaped pencil sharpener." - Me

my thoughts exactly

History - Uncyclopedia: "“I'm all for history repeating itself, as I forgot it right after the first time around.”

Craig David on History, Life and the Cosmos"

Exactly really, that neatly leads me on to the fact that I drank way to much at open mic nite (who even knew it was on?) at the lemmy and had a near all day hangover. Perhaps I am broken.. Perhaps craig david is all over my...boing. Though chloe did knee me in the balls, which wasn't the best fun ever, for more detailed (and remembered) info look at mike's site,

interestingly apparently Porn was invented in England in 1838, bon(ers)us all round really. oh and I've realised I need to apply for jobs within the next say.... 2 days... SHIT.. I just wanna swim with dolphins.

Smallville out 2nite, I am the win(kle).....


...everybody danceeee!!..

...the photo I decided to text in and get up on the big screen for like the whole evening!...

...the photo rex decided to do exactly the same with....

....holy crap with my aformentioned dongle!..

...if only louis was at the club like this...

..aha you foiled our plans.....gaffaw... Loser security cam seemed to activate during spoons...excellent

well I've just

gone to the careers fest, and it didn't really help me in the slightest, I still have no idea who/what/when i wanna do who/what/when. However I suspect masters is not gonna be the choice of the tom...

I've also started work on my search engine prototype, but now suspect I should just do my bioinformatics coursework, to get rid of deadlines...

"biggest human toe" - Google Search

"biggest human toe" - Google Search

Holy Crap!


is better than drinking any day, woo, dang thirsty, and only just got up!, hectic

what would you do if...

you were like drunk, and people were like sup fools, and not its not her fools. mwahhaha...moving swiftly on

Played Rileys with stu and mike 2nite and lost to stu, errorfull really, then went to spoons where pete, nick, chloe, kath? and joe? joined us... about 4 pitchers and 4 pints later went to sam's house party. Zoe and dave ala hardcore was there, which was woooo.

I'm also like dang,where are my hands. which luckily I found next to my arms.

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