my thoughts exactly

History - Uncyclopedia: "“I'm all for history repeating itself, as I forgot it right after the first time around.”

Craig David on History, Life and the Cosmos"

Exactly really, that neatly leads me on to the fact that I drank way to much at open mic nite (who even knew it was on?) at the lemmy and had a near all day hangover. Perhaps I am broken.. Perhaps craig david is all over my...boing. Though chloe did knee me in the balls, which wasn't the best fun ever, for more detailed (and remembered) info look at mike's site,

interestingly apparently Porn was invented in England in 1838, bon(ers)us all round really. oh and I've realised I need to apply for jobs within the next say.... 2 days... SHIT.. I just wanna swim with dolphins.

Smallville out 2nite, I am the win(kle).....


Anonymous 1:51 am  

winkle. nice

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