a sunny sunny afternoon

not sure where that came from, but imagine the scene, your sitting at your pc in the early evening, leisurely perambulating the interweb as such, but hark what is that one hears? a strange crunching noise? From where hence does that come? The road you say?

and shock horror, there's a huge comet lorry slowly cranching summer's car's wing mirror. "oh my" i declare "whatever can the matter me, that lorry must surely stop" but to my suprise it proceeded to accelerate out of the melee, and disappear into the lonely lonely night. Not without first denting the afformentioned Rover 100, and ripping its bumper apart etc. With the speed and agility of a porturican I grabbed a pen and paper and managed to jot down most of the number plate (VW55 if I remember correctly) and the timeage (17.13), and called unto Dave:

"sup girlfriend, check dis shizzle out homeboy, da truck gone and cranched up summer's car"

"w00t" cried Dave, "my car?"

"no shorty, it be summer's, ya dig?" to which he did.

Shortly following this conversation an exploration was constructed, chosing our best team of me and dave, we proceeded to "bang" on the streets doors till we knocked up summer. With the skill and trickery unknown to most mortals, we communicated the situation and comforted her with our bosoms. maybe.

In the mean time a crowd, as such, had congregated and we all went to inspect spring's car. Dave quickly lept to the rescue explain what to do and who to call, which spring was much appriective of. Meanwhile I was like "dang fools, I saw that, I am teh win, I got number plate and shizer, worship me"

to which spring was like "woop!" and I replied with a "honk".


Anonymous 8:09 pm  


Michael 11:59 pm  

You forget the bit where Summer turns to Spring.

Tommeh 12:28 am  

I suspect that was the subtle part of the article, WOOP WOOP

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