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Cheese on toast: First there was Toast, and the Toast was like "dang I be alone and not that street really". Then Craig David was like "when the crowd say bo, apply Cheese liberally" and henceforth cheese was combined with toast for a yummy warm feeling in your tummy.

I got fined 10p today by the library, but apparently if I hadn't paid it when (sic) I graduate i wouldn't be given my degree, cos I owed the uni money. Which was nice.

I failed to buy a bookcase as well today, due to various oddities and lazyness, but I did end up going to Starbucks with the guy I like to call "Mike the Cuddler". He disapproves.

btw I conned 2 supermarkets yesterday, but I can't be bothered to tell you why, just believe it was a great show of gritty character and somewhat suspect dance moves.

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"Dang its cold, like that time Craig David was locked in a Chiller by the Evil Daniel Beddingfield, and was forced to escape by only use his vocal talent and a craftily shaped pencil sharpener." - Me


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