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“I have nothing to declare except my penis.” - Craig "Fill Your TV License Form In" David

I havn't done an actual update for approximetly the same amount of time it takes Ultra-Jesus to defeat Daniel "Evil" Beddingfield in a spoon and eclectic frisbee judging contest without his trusty ultra-shiny-shoes. Also, I think the below licensing things are wrong, because the Spoons website reports different opening hours, and it reckons Arena is open from 11am.

Quiz News: 2 weeks ago, Dave and Pete weren't at the quiz, and although we were pwning people, we then died horrendously in some crappy excuse for the last round. However in a strange twist of fate the last two teams (we came 5th out of 6th) fought for the money prize using the ancient technique of Rock, Paper, Scissors, Jethro Tull. I was chosen as our warrior, and via swift thinking I defeated him with slight of hand, pscyological analysis, but mainly by first covering his rock, and then cutting his paper. £30 was our win.

Last week we managed to be the only team there, though did have Dave and Pete. So we split into two teams, and with skill unknown to various homosapiens, me dave and chloe beat Pete, Mike and Nick, using our superior guessing skills. In the end we all won everything, and for free! and the quiz people want our babies.

Recently I've been writing 3017 words on Self-Organizing Maps, which seems cunning as I had a deadline for that exact document. Shazam.

Here's some cool links I've played with recently:

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“I remember when back a long time ago in the future when ultra Jesus had to go forward in time so that he could be born and then travel back in time to death and take the place of his dead body and become El Ultra Zombie Jesus, but on this way back from his burial in Mexico to the US he was detained indefinitely by border patrol. That was one hell of a weekend. ” - Craig "so Wilde" David


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