Monday's Child is a drunkard Autobot...

Yesterday, I mostly used waiting to go see Transformers at 6ish. Which was totally awesome, and Megan Fox is damn foxy. DAMN FOXY. And the special effects were for once really good by my standards, where as I saw Spiderman 3 recently, and not only is that a totally shit film (apart from bruce campbell) the CG in it is shit. very shit.

But transformers is awesome, and I really damn well enjoyed it. Afterwards we progressed to the firehouse for drinkies and then went to timepiece, where I looked stupid trying to say bourbon. Ah well. And it was strangely empty, which I found eerie and fascinating, but Stu thought it was scary. So we progressed to the hole in teh wall. on the short walk there I was like, I feel like we're gonna see Saran. Then as we turned the corner he was there and I was all like "dang, oh no you didn't".

There we discovered he's a weed head, and is basically a muppet who hates english curries and bangladesh people. And owns a high pitch laugh. After a few drinks (minus Saran) dan cruised home and stu and I went into timepiece again as it got a bit more busy for a last beer. Mistake there. Scottish robbie waltzed in with his friends and we got talking. I talked to Sam's friend Beth who turns out to be really nice. Then rob, Stu and I went to the good ole raj and got the kebab we all love. Then wandered to rob's place for another beer and an indepth discussion about the merits of various supermarkets, with me touting the flag (er?) for Tesco and Marks N Sparks. Cos I loves them I do. Then we trekked home, and decided we stayed out far too fucking long (4am!).

The Plan

Well it appears I've wasted the day once more via the medium of moving pictures and this fancy piece of plastic with "XBOX 360" emblazed across its shiny white exterior. As the shimmering glow of the fluorescent light glimmers off its face plate and casts alluring shadows across my face, I wonder to myself if in hindsight the decision to buy such a device of procrastinational proportions was completely devoid of intelligence.

But alas, hindsight and foresight can never fairly battle across the landscape of my thoughts. Fear not dear maiden, for my plan is air tight. As I have neglected to consume any form of caffeinated goods so far, I shall drink a large beverage of the finest African gold roast, and attempt to work until I can work no more. I shall regularly update for no reason except my future self's amusement.

Now away with thee.


Not me unfortunately, but mother/father Sleepface. Yesterday I failed once more to get up at a decent hour, and all I managed was some Standard Deviation class intervals. Apart from that I watched the entirety of Flight of the Conchords AGAIN. And Derren Brown's new series which is pretty good. and then I played far too much xbox 360.

Now I've woken up at like 1pm, after going to sleep at like 5am, and I fear my sleeping pattern is spiraling into an uncontrollable chaotic nightmare, which young Dan knows all about. It's fine, I'm gonna power through and do lots of work today.... or just finish watching Music & Lyrics...

The Meeting...

... went surprisingly alright, I think I now have even more work expected of me however, which is less than enthusing. However, there was talk of a possible conversation revolving a possible opening at the company, which could well be interesting.

To reward myself for whatever I did, I completed Call of Duty 2 and watched Alien Autopsy, which it turns out is the sort of film you would have in the background, on television, having paid no money for it, possibly while trying to solve world peace.

Good times all round.

Meeting Central

So, turns out I have a meeting with my company today. Therefore I've woken up at 7am to make sure Ed doesn't kill me via the secret martial art of being disappointed in the amount of work I've done.

And, possibly for the first time ever, I wrote a big section of code and it ran first time. Bonus points to my coding skillery.

mmm coffeee...


Today's Achievements:

1) Woke Up At Midday: 2G

2) Wrote Some Dumb Classifiers In C#: 20G

3) Played 3 Hours of Call Of Duty 2: 5G

4) Went Shopping: 10G

no really, check the proof rad fools:

oh yes, oh yes.

4) Watched a Flight of the Conchords Documentry: 20G

which I shall note is awesome, and kept my obsession going strong till the next episode.

5) And now I've written some more stuff for Ed: 10G

So he won't shank me in a non-sensual way. I love how much work I make myself do *shakes fist*

Some Photos

I started documenting my culinary delights:

Then I stopped.

Proof once more that Exeter is beautiful:

Now I think I've gone light headed from the amount of margerine I just consumed in some peppered beef sandwiches. I shall take a momentarily pause to collect my thoughts...

arse barns.

Check This Shiz

Basically, if you've not finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, don't click the link below.

However, if you have finished it, check it out, it's pretty interesting interview with JK Rowling.

Link to Spoilers!

Flat Mat Hat Sat Rat

I hate making up titles. I also hate it when my phone breaks, tho currently it appears to have self repairing qualities.. sometimes.

Failed to do much work today, went to town however and frolocked with dan, stu and myself in Costa Coffee. In the evening we hit The Simpsons at the Vue, which was very funny, though perhaps could have been better, though as dan says, it could have been better if it wasn't the simpsons. It still was extremely good though.

Once more I feel motivation is a dribbly substance that I can't quite grasp. Away with you now!

what are you talking about, I'm not gelling my hair up like wolverine, what gave you that preposterous idea?

Was it Steve?

Unfortunately, it doesn't really work because I have tesco hair gel and my hair is like "fuck off". So I had to resort to slicking it all the way back, 2nd hand car sales man style. Man...I swear I have receding hair lines.... if I go bald I'm gonna punch god.

Hopefully in like 10 years time they'll be able to easily reverse balding without the current side effects that I hear include your face falling off.

Today you say? That's right I actually got up early (Shock!), and then proceeded to do a work (Shock!) and I even found time to chill in the sun for a bit (Shock!). And I also bought this new electric shocking torture implement *haw haw*...

I also got an awesome "Box of the Banned" dvd collection with 6 banned films and a documentry about them, all for like 9 quid. One of them is the original Evil Dead as well, which I don't have. All I need now is the Army of Darkness. Other recent purchases include Fast Food by Gordon Ramsey, cos he's a legend, and 1000 places to see before you die. Now I just need Rex to take me there....

Flight of the Conchords

I first got into Flight of the Conchords via the their hilarious yet funky songs, thanks to youtube. Billed as "Formerly New Zealand's fourth most popular folk-parody duo", they've now got a comedy tv show in America which is phenomenal. Not only does it show case their awesome song writing skills, but its damn funny all the time as well. All of the episodes (1-6) are available on youtube as I type, so go watch it fools!

I was pondering what tune to embed, and I couldn't decide, so I randomly chose 2:

Harry Potter Spoiler Free Zone

All I have to say is I just read non stop for 8 hours, can't quite focus now and I feel physically and mentally drained but the book was amazing.

My blog's gonna remain a spoiler free zone however, because, I don't think I have the mental prowess to digest the book on my blog, and various people won't have read it yet.


If there's one reason to watch the Simpsons Movie

It's this:


I've said it before and I'll say it again, lostprophets and specifically last summer remind me of visiting Rex in Royal Holloway.

I feel like I'm in the limbo between Uni and life. And however poetic I make it sound it's still kind of scary as I have no idea what life is going to be like. Sure, I could seize the day, and direct it, but that involves getting my hands dirty.

I just wish I could convey my love of music to people and how amazing my favourite bands are. Whether it's the deep and meaningful beauty that is the likes of Death Cab For Cutie, Brand New and the Eels to the pure rocking awesomeness of Hundred Reasons and Taking Back Sunday. Maybe half of my love of these bands are because they're linked to awesome memories or experiences. Who knows.

Coffee sure makes me sentimental...

Points of Note

  • If I have my headphones in I can't hear you
  • Myspace is still aweful and I hate it with a passion.
  • The sun makes everything alright
  • The frustrating parts of C# are the same parts that frustrate me about Java
  • I'm addicted to spending
  • If anyone spoils harry potter for me I'll break them
  • Coffee at 10pm is a bad idea.
  • If you're reading my blog, you've chosen to. Beware.

MEAT! in your eye please

STEAK! The size of your face, for 97p! Its sirloin don't you know. The salad (including eggs and potatoes) which was 3 times that size was 32p, and the rice, was like 50p. Or some other number. This, kids, is why uncle Tom uses the reduced section of Tesco. I do as well...

Since returning triumphantly back from Orpington yesterday, I have achieved next to nothing. Which is an achievement in itself. I have managed some awesome code, and thought of many humourous and poignant snippets to say, but I forgot them again.

I actually nearly started paniking about my project, luckily ed swooped in and calmed my fears. All the spanish kids on campus are hella annoying, so annoying that they made me use the word "hella" which just isn't cricket. I have to swim through them to do my washing btw. I nearly wrote a song about them, but it verged on unnecessary racism.

DVD watch: I got Goodfellas, True Romance and Heat in a triple pack for 5 quid from tesco! I also got Casino Royale free thanks to my nectar points. And from WHS smiths I got Time Bandits(£2) and Back To The Future(£1), so once more, retail outlets:0 Tom: 77 million.

Emo Stick Men...4


If you're reading this. Erm... sorry?

So on Sunday we watched Die Hard 4.0 *cowers from Stu's wrath* which was rubbish obviously, and you shouldn't see it....

Nah it was fucking awesome. Major butt kicking and near indestructibility of our hero resulted in me eating an entire large popcorn collection to myself. Kevin Smith is awesome in it as well, man I really need to own his films. Especially clerks 2.

Anyway, yes. Conclusion: Die Hard rules. Even if I did have to watch Die Hard 3 before Die Hard 4 and may have both films merged.

I also got loads of coding done today, which will also annoy Stu *sheepish grin*

Simone's BBQ

Luckily, due to the shear awesomeness of my posse, I had a plate of meat waiting for me at Simone's. Chilled outside in the nice weather, with a few bevvys, and mocked various people. Trev got a fork through his hand, I got salsa on my foot, Tracey had no voice, and Adam was dopey Adam.

We then traveled inside to watch I Know What You Did Last Summer, which I'd already seen, so knew its quality. Then we watched the Prestige.

Okay. Seriously. This is a fucking awesome film. Go watch it. Now.... NOW, actually it's quite late, sleep first, then watch it. Very good film, I may have to get it. After that went home because people were tired and I needed mother to let me in. *headdesk*

Saturday's trip of wonder

So today I have spent 8 hours driving. This would test my patience, but I lost concentration partway through being annoyed. Woke up, as one would expect, rather hung over. With me and Sam attempting to pack for the drive home. I was really not in a condition to control any form of heavy machinery, especially not one that I own.

We headed round the girlies house to be like "sup" and "bye", and we got a crossiant, for our efforts, plus Sam's possessions. Which was bonusful. Quite emotional as it suddenly hit home that everyone was going. We then headed off at like 11am, much later than I anticipated leaving, and as my hangover was exceptionally worse than my face, it took us a while to get to Adam's pub, though only due to a vomit-stop. Though we both failed to participate in such a past-time.

Then I set off again. NEARLY got home, then suddenly hit a stationary traffic jam, and it took 3 hours to traverse the 2.7 miles between junction 3 and 4!!! blasted 13 car pile ups. Finally got home at 7pm or so, and I had forgotten my keys and mum was out. *grumbles*

Chipped Teeth and shattered ideals....

So I've chipped my tooth, I can't remember how but I feel it was something to do with yesterdays round of drinking. I blame Alex. It's really annoying, tho not noticeable. Today I have mostly been not doing things I should. Like work.

But claire, dave de la hardcore, Alex and moi played lots of tennis in the searing heat and I realised I couldn't really play anymore. But was really good fun, so we got lunch, as I stank. I also have tanned even more nicely now, which is nice.

After all this crazy ness I spent the afternoon watching youtube videos and doing washing, and trying to make my room ship shape for when sam arrived. and she as now. I fear. It's worrying how crammed it is with 2 of us... as when Rachel, simone, and shing arrive all doom will occur.

Emo Stick Men...3

Current Obsession:

I actually discovered this song through this video, but I don't want u all to think I spend hours watching peoples' blogs on youtube....

I remember a golden age of blogging, when rather than just a boring narrative of my days, I supplied wit, humour, and a large amount of randomness to the masses. Often via the medium of general musings and observations about this crazy crazy world. Some day I'll remember how I remembered all my thoughts, perhaps a dictaphone may be of use.

Maybe work and xbox has crushed my creative prowess, or what there was it of it. No matter! I shall either regurgitate old subject matter, find randomness on my hard drive, or force some excrement of the mind to appear on here. As long as everyone remembers I'm a little bit emo and a little bit sappy I hope we shall not be forced to dual to the death.

What of me now you ask? Well I shall depart to my bed, before traveling to the magical land that is bristolia... unfortunately I may get there 10 years before everyone else. Mainly because I rule. Actually, as a reward for your undivided attention, I shall post some more "comical" drawings...

Lafrowda in your pantie-hosen: Part 2

....By now however, there was a steady stream of wet precipitation falling from the heavens, which blended poorly with my white t-shirt. Wet t-shirts contests are only fun in the summer, and with better breasts. *nods* To cut a long and uneventful story short I gradually moved all my crap from my car into my new crib.

It's a very nice room actually, small, as you little chipmunks may suspect, but still nice. Travellodge-esque, but a bit more cosy especially as I only have a double bed duvet and sheets for a single bed. *shrugs* I can barely fit all my possessions in though, which is proving problematic, especially for storage places for my folders and the such like.

Turns out my next door neighbour, zhao and danni are all living here, which is cool, so at least I know some people. It does appear, however, that I could write a sitcom based on the next few months events entitled "10 Asians and a white man". Though I did meet 2 really nice Nigerian girls, though only one of them is actually staying here. I'm sharing a fridge with a friendly girl called Sunny, so overall everything should be dope.

To make everything even better young Icelandic dan and carlos be in the same building as me, so 7am fire alarms are some what better, especially by dan's foresight with an umbrella. Unfortunately this did not help my bare feet.

Cool links and hijinks:

  • Check out what some 7-11s have done in Ameriland for the Simpsons! awesome.
  • Bloxorz is a cool game, tho annoying moderately quickly.

Lafrowda in your ass: Part 1

Don't actually do that, because it's quite clean at the moment. As you may have gathered from my enthusiastic title, I have indeed moved into the wondrous Lafrowda. He's my attempt to narrate the past few days of moving:

I was up until 4am on the Friday packing like a lunatic/talking to Rachel/unpacking-repacking *shakes fist*, with the intention of waking up at 7am to finish packing (we had to get out by 10). Unfortunately, what with me breaking, then refixing my phone, the time was wrong so I only got woken up at 8.15 by my next door neighbour using the loudest selotape ever. Which was lucky. I then panic packed with no time for a shower, and thus stinking of death. Finally finished packing at about 10.58 (don't tell anyone). Luckily the previous evening I had dumped a lots of stuff at the girls house (thanks!) and even all my books and work at the department (*thrusts at his awesome idea) just so my life would fit inside my car.

Then I had to find some way to spend the next 5 hours without 1) having my life in possession form stolen 2) killing people with my stench 3) Falling asleep. Thus I use a combination of town, ritazza and the department. Exeter high street turned out to be some sort of zombie town, where all 10 trillion of the people there were moving slowly and all delinquents. Where's Bruce Campbell when u need him?

As 4pm rolled around, I wandered to get my key to be greeted by a huge queue. Which I dutifully joined, only to find I had poorly chosen the queue. After joining another queue, I got my key to my new sexy place and I was about to entry my new home for 2/3 months...

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