Current Obsession:

I actually discovered this song through this video, but I don't want u all to think I spend hours watching peoples' blogs on youtube....

I remember a golden age of blogging, when rather than just a boring narrative of my days, I supplied wit, humour, and a large amount of randomness to the masses. Often via the medium of general musings and observations about this crazy crazy world. Some day I'll remember how I remembered all my thoughts, perhaps a dictaphone may be of use.

Maybe work and xbox has crushed my creative prowess, or what there was it of it. No matter! I shall either regurgitate old subject matter, find randomness on my hard drive, or force some excrement of the mind to appear on here. As long as everyone remembers I'm a little bit emo and a little bit sappy I hope we shall not be forced to dual to the death.

What of me now you ask? Well I shall depart to my bed, before traveling to the magical land that is bristolia... unfortunately I may get there 10 years before everyone else. Mainly because I rule. Actually, as a reward for your undivided attention, I shall post some more "comical" drawings...


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