MEAT! in your eye please

STEAK! The size of your face, for 97p! Its sirloin don't you know. The salad (including eggs and potatoes) which was 3 times that size was 32p, and the rice, was like 50p. Or some other number. This, kids, is why uncle Tom uses the reduced section of Tesco. I do as well...

Since returning triumphantly back from Orpington yesterday, I have achieved next to nothing. Which is an achievement in itself. I have managed some awesome code, and thought of many humourous and poignant snippets to say, but I forgot them again.

I actually nearly started paniking about my project, luckily ed swooped in and calmed my fears. All the spanish kids on campus are hella annoying, so annoying that they made me use the word "hella" which just isn't cricket. I have to swim through them to do my washing btw. I nearly wrote a song about them, but it verged on unnecessary racism.

DVD watch: I got Goodfellas, True Romance and Heat in a triple pack for 5 quid from tesco! I also got Casino Royale free thanks to my nectar points. And from WHS smiths I got Time Bandits(£2) and Back To The Future(£1), so once more, retail outlets:0 Tom: 77 million.


Anonymous 12:19 pm  

Haven't you eaten about 7 cows in the last week?!

Tommeh 12:24 pm  

cow cow cow cow cow cow cow cow cows. yes.

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