Lafrowda in your pantie-hosen: Part 2

....By now however, there was a steady stream of wet precipitation falling from the heavens, which blended poorly with my white t-shirt. Wet t-shirts contests are only fun in the summer, and with better breasts. *nods* To cut a long and uneventful story short I gradually moved all my crap from my car into my new crib.

It's a very nice room actually, small, as you little chipmunks may suspect, but still nice. Travellodge-esque, but a bit more cosy especially as I only have a double bed duvet and sheets for a single bed. *shrugs* I can barely fit all my possessions in though, which is proving problematic, especially for storage places for my folders and the such like.

Turns out my next door neighbour, zhao and danni are all living here, which is cool, so at least I know some people. It does appear, however, that I could write a sitcom based on the next few months events entitled "10 Asians and a white man". Though I did meet 2 really nice Nigerian girls, though only one of them is actually staying here. I'm sharing a fridge with a friendly girl called Sunny, so overall everything should be dope.

To make everything even better young Icelandic dan and carlos be in the same building as me, so 7am fire alarms are some what better, especially by dan's foresight with an umbrella. Unfortunately this did not help my bare feet.


Michael 8:21 am  

I really do need to blog.

I think you should do a weekly podcast and post it in iTunes, after all what is the worst that can happen?

Also, good news as Microsoft is giving us 3 year warranties to cover our Xbox's blowing up.

Anonymous 7:56 pm  

Warning: Sunny is not a real name!

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