Saturday's trip of wonder

So today I have spent 8 hours driving. This would test my patience, but I lost concentration partway through being annoyed. Woke up, as one would expect, rather hung over. With me and Sam attempting to pack for the drive home. I was really not in a condition to control any form of heavy machinery, especially not one that I own.

We headed round the girlies house to be like "sup" and "bye", and we got a crossiant, for our efforts, plus Sam's possessions. Which was bonusful. Quite emotional as it suddenly hit home that everyone was going. We then headed off at like 11am, much later than I anticipated leaving, and as my hangover was exceptionally worse than my face, it took us a while to get to Adam's pub, though only due to a vomit-stop. Though we both failed to participate in such a past-time.

Then I set off again. NEARLY got home, then suddenly hit a stationary traffic jam, and it took 3 hours to traverse the 2.7 miles between junction 3 and 4!!! blasted 13 car pile ups. Finally got home at 7pm or so, and I had forgotten my keys and mum was out. *grumbles*


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