Chipped Teeth and shattered ideals....

So I've chipped my tooth, I can't remember how but I feel it was something to do with yesterdays round of drinking. I blame Alex. It's really annoying, tho not noticeable. Today I have mostly been not doing things I should. Like work.

But claire, dave de la hardcore, Alex and moi played lots of tennis in the searing heat and I realised I couldn't really play anymore. But was really good fun, so we got lunch, as I stank. I also have tanned even more nicely now, which is nice.

After all this crazy ness I spent the afternoon watching youtube videos and doing washing, and trying to make my room ship shape for when sam arrived. and she as now. I fear. It's worrying how crammed it is with 2 of us... as when Rachel, simone, and shing arrive all doom will occur.


David Hulbert 7:53 pm  

I woke up at like 4am 1 morning and found a tiny bit of my tooth had chipped off. I think I swallowed it. You can't really tell, but I'm looking forward to telling my dentist.

Anonymous 8:12 pm  

Haha Doom will occur when we 3 arrive, I suspect...that your room size will only partially be to blame...I promise not to try to break anything!

*sniggers* :D

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