If you're reading this. Erm... sorry?

So on Sunday we watched Die Hard 4.0 *cowers from Stu's wrath* which was rubbish obviously, and you shouldn't see it....

Nah it was fucking awesome. Major butt kicking and near indestructibility of our hero resulted in me eating an entire large popcorn collection to myself. Kevin Smith is awesome in it as well, man I really need to own his films. Especially clerks 2.

Anyway, yes. Conclusion: Die Hard rules. Even if I did have to watch Die Hard 3 before Die Hard 4 and may have both films merged.

I also got loads of coding done today, which will also annoy Stu *sheepish grin*


Michael 6:34 am  

The trailers all looks awful. There is way too much CGI in it.

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