Possibly so. Every day I try and go to bed early, and generally moderately fail (note time), and so I also try to wake up early. and of course fail spectacularly. All in the hope I might finally use a day efficiently and not waste my life. Hopefully one day not be ill as well.

We wait in hope. In the mean time, go watch Heroes and 24, they rule your dirty dirty whore socks off.


I hate illness. It makes me feel ill. Thats my excuse for not blogging, I will update it all at some point and not just with crappy youtube videos. I also have insane amounts of work to do. Except I'm not doing it, cos I'm using the race illness card, cos I'm cool like that.

More stuff needs to happen on facebook, otherwise whats the point of me sitting here hittin the refresh button? well? answer me that, along with your face.

Annoyingly, ever since I got a 5 button mouse I've been trying to hit the 4th button on everything, like this crappy uni mouse, or this Dr Pepper can or this hot asian girl...

Okay I lie, there's no Dr Pepper Can

Holy Crap¬

More updates soon.

Hot Fuzz

Great film, go watch it. 8/10.

But in the mean time, watch this:


Some interesting information about the Story of Christmas

Gotta love QI

How to Create a blog via plagiarism:

1. Copy
2. Paste
3. Repeat Ad infinitum.
4. PROFIT!!11!!1!1one!!!!!!

Accidently pwnage

So after a hard day's being lectured at, what better way to unwind than a drink or two at the old lemon grove... but wait, in classic M. Night Shyamalan style, a rabid twist appeared from the murky depths, and reared its ugly head.

It was quiz night.

But no ordinary quiz, oh no no, this one involved the chance of competing in some crazy finals/rounds where we could win 5000 quid at some point in the distant future. Anyway we accidentally entered under the name "Your Mum" to much hilarity. Unfortunately then via a combination of Chris' knowledge, fantastic origami making by Katie, and a poor attempt at a Rubik's cube by me, we won the quiz and 75 quid.

So we went to Arena and spent our winnings on cheap cocktails (50p at one point!) which was quite humourous, apart from the photos that were then taken. Damn everyone.

Happy Valentine's Day

Image from the fantastic Xkcd.
I shall be celebrating my own custom-built celebration, aptly named Time-To-Be-Emo Day.

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
I wanna fuck you with a rake
adapted from

Fantastic start to the day

I've just had to pay 147.94 on my fucking credit card cos NPower decided to adjust our gas bill because they got it wrong 6 months ago. How fucking convenient.


Today's winning conversation

Mike: the grudge is alright... maybe 6.5/10
Tom: I heard it was good
Tom: and I like sarah michelle gellar's bottom
Mike: well indeed u raise a very good point
Tom: I do when I see her bottom *gaffaws*

Still way to gangsta for y'all

I'm in a mood to sigh


I like to write down lyrics as my headphones sing them to me. It feels like I've achieved something.

I like being in a large empty room, because I can't be judged, and only my hair knows that it's stupid.

I like listening to music when walking, because it becomes your theme, and you can find its intricacies.

I like to pretend.

I like to be good enough friends with people that you can insult each other jovially.

I like long words where there should be short words, and short words where there should be long words.

I'd also like to think that Ad and Stu aren't gonna mock my soul for this post.

Luckily I hear the best format of defense is attack, so I shall premptively suggest that "they don't have their respective faces".

Places I'd like to live(i.e. my lecture notes)

Oh Snap

This blog has no purpose. Please move along.

bitches ain't shit, but hoes and tricks

or so says my homey Dr Dre. So it appears I suck at blogging, I blame this on Rex having an awesome blog now. Damn you rex, damn you to helvetica!!! *font hi-five*

I also have dolphin death/black death/black lung/man flu. Nuff said. I'm also currently poaching fish, but I wouldn't wanna get to in depth with that, because it cod get shrimply tiresome, fins just don't seem to have a purpoise these days. *gaffaws*

anyway. This is no plaice for puns.

new Top Gear. Funny. Watch.

I leave you with this

Too gangsta for your face


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