I'm in a mood to sigh


I like to write down lyrics as my headphones sing them to me. It feels like I've achieved something.

I like being in a large empty room, because I can't be judged, and only my hair knows that it's stupid.

I like listening to music when walking, because it becomes your theme, and you can find its intricacies.

I like to pretend.

I like to be good enough friends with people that you can insult each other jovially.

I like long words where there should be short words, and short words where there should be long words.

I'd also like to think that Ad and Stu aren't gonna mock my soul for this post.

Luckily I hear the best format of defense is attack, so I shall premptively suggest that "they don't have their respective faces".


Ordinary Girl 9:29 pm  

I like this post. It got me thinking about what's in my "sighs." Have a nice day.

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