Accidently pwnage

So after a hard day's being lectured at, what better way to unwind than a drink or two at the old lemon grove... but wait, in classic M. Night Shyamalan style, a rabid twist appeared from the murky depths, and reared its ugly head.

It was quiz night.

But no ordinary quiz, oh no no, this one involved the chance of competing in some crazy finals/rounds where we could win 5000 quid at some point in the distant future. Anyway we accidentally entered under the name "Your Mum" to much hilarity. Unfortunately then via a combination of Chris' knowledge, fantastic origami making by Katie, and a poor attempt at a Rubik's cube by me, we won the quiz and 75 quid.

So we went to Arena and spent our winnings on cheap cocktails (50p at one point!) which was quite humourous, apart from the photos that were then taken. Damn everyone.


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