and uneventful day I suspect

well not much happened to do, I did some work this morning on campus, w00t.

I went to my gym and now my sweatband smells of kfc, I have a theory here about something, but its not worth the time, effort or extra long hankeys to explain it.

However on the way to the physics building, which nearly killed me due to number of stairs, I discovered if u type hope in an overzelous manner into a phone u end up with goose. I think we all know what I'm gettin up, man's savoir will indeed be our fellow goose, here isn't a picture of one - woot?!!

New oc is like Argh with the ooh and the omg, quite interesting.

I can safely say that banana shouldn't go in there either.

Random Quote:

Forget pi.l.l.s and - these do not work! The only clinical way to increase your s.ize by up to 32% is with our brand new e.x.t,e.n/ product. You will see results within days, both your le.n, and girt.h will increase substantially." - interesting email I got, I dunno about you but this seems like the perfect way to increase my arm le.n, and girt.h.

Yesense - Ep009

The War of the Worlds!

Is one example of something i got free today, along with:

  • A plastic bag of biblical proportions
  • A mug of less grandure
  • Another book I cannot be bothered to look at
Somethings I didn't get free today:

  • The Guardian - the portal for free things
  • Coke - The toilet needing device of graphics lectures
  • A Cinema Ticket - wopple doddle
But the basic main news of today is that my left hand smells of digestive biscuits, or thats my feet. oh wait yeah its my feet. darn. I'm sure i had something to say today that was worthwhile but instead I shall tell you that Hitchhikers Guide to the galaxy film is much good but not the same as the book. Smallville latest ep is awesome but not what u little norty spoiler people were expecting, mwahahaha.

I think I'm buckerling under the pressure tbh, I've calculated via various alogrithmic atrosities, and bad spelling to boot, that my readers have doubled in numbers in past week, exceeding perhaps even 4, and covering two different counties. Its a good time for crap.

Game of the Day: Have a thumb war with a chilli flavoured vhs version of the series Duck Tales.

Not pony tales or cotton tales, no
DuckTales (a wooh ooooh)

Random Quote

"Damn just had the biggest banana ever, but was so big it snapped under its own weight, fell on the floor and got covered in fluff. not cool" - Adam Smith, the fool again

A Tragic day for mankind

Thats right, the last pot noodle has been eaten!!! okay it was out of date by 6 months ,but still, nooooooooooooooooooo

Yesense - Ep008

Oh for the love of Apache

Well at the moment blogger seems to have blown up and i can't get to the new post screen device so I'm typing this in notepad - the l337 version of word. Ahem.

Last night we decided the best thing to do was to share a crate of reef between 2 of us, this soon appeared to be a bad idea due to large amounts of sugar in them. ganky. Arena was good fun though, Stu was stupidly hammered on his 21st, but quite funny, we danced away the wee hours to a great set of songs. Last half hour was a bit bad though, foolish choices of songage.

On a cunning note, I went to pay power bill today and got confused and ended up in tk maxx and bought 4 t-shirts. They're quite spinky though and cheap so I'm moderatly happy though poorer than i was this morning.

We've just tried to do a tesco shop online but our magical 10 quid off voucher has failed so we emailed them complaining in loud voices.

oooh random point, strange thing happened when we got back after are, we boiled the kettle for some pot noodle 'a' making and a pile of glasses near by exploded?!?! scary stuff really.

I've discovered a serious problem with Mike's collection of meters and detectors, in that they all keep exploding and the such like, check these quotes:

"In an unrelated event my sarcasm detector has exploded." - Mike

"In an unrelated event my spankability meter has blown up." - still Mike.

Talkin of mike.... were you? cool. but anyway the first Formula TomDave Championship race has been held, with commentry and results on Mike's blog.

Some Cool Links:

Serenity Trailer - awesome film by Joss Whedon coming out at some point

This blog - w00t

Christina Aguilera - word

Random Quotes:

"u mean.. a t-shirt with a kung fu badger beating off a small trout?!" - Adam Smith

"Dude my jeans are too tight" - Tom Barker

Yesense - Ep007

Ow my eyes

Just returned from campus, yes I know its 2.40 am, damn everyone. I'm tired so a quick summary:

  • Went to all my lectures
  • Finished my Physics even though its not in till friday
  • Phone line broke so I got technician to fix it, word to me
  • Drank beer by accident
  • Zoe and Katie came round, much fun catching up
  • Went to campus at midnight with the Dave.
I'm like nargh sleep, etc I'll do a better blog 2moz, woof

Random Quote:

"nrgh sleep wobble plopf" - unknown source

Yesense - Ep006

Lesbian Cheese Racing!!

with mike back the obvious choice was spoons for our nightly "hang out". No alcohol for the tom though, too skool for cool.

Girl Through Window Update: Currently reading a book through osmosis.

apparently the benedict dude has been "installed" as the new pope, tbh I think my pc needs a pope, might install one later. Also on a related note, Will Smith's new album: Lost and Found, is much awesome, listen to it and get jiggy wit it.

i was thinking, if i was a rapper i'd be all like:

yo, a conclusionary fact
is i'm reasonably black

On to more important news, me and dave have invented Formula TomDave. The basic premise is cheese cars which have 2/3 lesbians on each one. Now you may think this could cause a few problems, that a) the girls may fight and b) that the cars will not infact move, however:

a) Its positively encouraged that the girls should fight for control of the car, however as there is a danger from choking from clothes, competitors must be naked, for safety reasons.

b) The track is infact not a circuit, but on a slope, and is heated underground, so the base of the cheese cars melt and therefore slide. Hence choice of a good meltable cheese is needed. Best place for a track therefore would be down a volcano. Good stuff.

Right check out the stuff below, I'm going to watch Doctor Who. Yay.

Interesting Links:

Some interesting translation of popular rap lyrics, quite funny.

Virtual Bartender 2: Now with two girls!!! I have the list of commands as well (see comments)

Random Quote:

"you smell erroneous today" - Sam, after hugging me, d'oh

"yeah what up detroit" - my homeboy Dr Dre

Yesense - Ep005a

Yesense - Ep005

Once more, oh god my head

So we got drunk again, but nearly everyone was back, the place is a tip though so gotta clean that up soon. Alex passed out at one point, which we giggled at for a while. Bud ice is indeed the king of all beers, because even though my head hurts its not as bad as sometimes.

Here's a little ditty i wrote (well actually I'm making it up as i go):

There once was an ugly duckling
and it had stole my keys
there once was an ugly duckling
so I then asked mr jeeves
I said, where oh where are my keys
On the land or in the sea
and he said, shhh i'm sleeping.

thank you thank you, for my next trick, a blank line:

interestingly my lights aren't voice activated.

Random Quote:

"wunderbaa!!! (he exclaimed with great relish)" - Pete

Song of the Day:

Bill Haley - Thirteen Women

Yesense - Ep004

At last the day has arrived!!!

Thats right guys and gals, its the time of month you've all been waiting for, underwear change day! So out with the old and in with the clean. no really.... I mean its really starting to smell now... seriously... change them. go.

In other news Pete's back with avengence, and although me and nick spent the whole day trying to do work we got too distracted by the damn iceland deals and ended up not really doing any. We did play squash though which was impressive, though we died after one hour, which was less good for all involved.

People watch Robot Chicken, its highly awesome and funny and politically incorrect, just the way we like them. Anyway I actually have to do work today, and I'm even missing Ministry of Mayhem to do it, plus Nick's not up yet and so i won't accidently get drunk. Plus I gotta get it done before dave and alex magically appear later in the day.... oh god hark, is that nick?

Random Quote

"Look here boys and girls! A bloody great squirrel! Lets see what happens when I twat it on the nose with a cricket bat and shove my fingers up its @rse." - Ruffle... guess its better than twonking it.

Sock Watch: Currently wearing one white donnay sock on left and one unbranded sock on right

Bra Watch: Concurrently I am braless

Twonk (verb)

The act of striking an object with a flaccid penis, usually in jest.

"When I was done I twonked her on her boobs."

Yesense - Ep003

Sounds a bit fishy to me

Interestingly we went deep sea fishing today, and I caught a fish 1 metre long!!! but dude threw it back cos apparently it was only a baby one. Called a cobra/congo/cookeclumba, looked like a very fat eel to me that didn't like having a hook in its mouth and being chucked in a box. Apart from that we didn't catch any other fish, they mainly escaped :(. however nick did managed to catch the world, which was quite impressive until he couldn't reel it in and had to let it go. DAMMIt need to stop hitting ctrl+S....

ooh woman in house out of window seems to be examining her neck with a mirror for bite marks, damn those pesky exeter vampires. apparently u need to get naked when u've been bitten (you never know she may read this). anyway back to my fishing story. twas good fun we gonna go makeral fishing some time.

You may have noticed a start of a comic strip occuring on this amazing blog. however i havn;t and it shall never be mentioned again, shhh.

ah wait it looks like she's trying to attach her chin to her shoulder via her fist, an interesting concept if not somewhat flawed, haw haw wobble. anyway. everyone check out the new MSN, its quite cool with the whole showing what music tune ur playin.... whoa she changed top without doing anything, how she do that, dammit.... and itunes seems once again to be awesome and managed to send them to messenger. nice one mr apple.

Everyone play this game its good fun, very hard but i solved it eventually, to start off u need to click the grey flat box on the right then click the arrow etc. have fun and don't blow up the bell ya fools

Damn I suck at reading or keeping these posts concise, cos none of u read them, I cry. I may start a new thread of random thought tomorrow. I think I update this too often cos people forget to read stuff that isn't the most recent one so...


Random Quote

Dan: "mmm i'm so sexy, only problem is i only have 62 songs, leads to repeating"
Me: "i know what u mean, I only have 14091"
Dan: "sakhdnsak nf" - well exactly.

Random interesting article

Yesense - Ep002

A conclusionary essay

I decided it was time to pretend I wanted to do my quantum computing essay, however the best way i decided was to make Stu do it, this was his effort:

Quantum Computing...

What really is Quantum Computing. Who knows, but what we do know is that computers are stupid. This leads many proffessionals to believe that Quantum theory should never be applied to something as stupid as a computer. The safer option, Scientists believe, is to base a Quantum computer on the Linux operating but first the Kernel must be Haxoored using the following command:

Haxoor -linuxkernel @ address:ad86e987;

this in itself produces a quantum computer ready for action.What can you do with a Quantum computer i hear you cry, well the possibilities are endless. A local computer Scientist called 'Bob Dylan' believes that Quantum computing will change our lives... He is quoted as saying : " I believe Quantum computing will change our lives" and so there you have it, if bob dylan says so who is going to argue?

One of the major benefits of Quantum Computing is that they will gnerate enough heat for the average pot noodle to be warmed through whilst it has been left upon the computer case. Another local Computer Scientist, Tom Barker (who has the pot noodle horn) says "i cant wait to haxoor up this quantum computing stuff, i cry, pot noodles, that warm whilst you wait-WOW!"

So there you go, I'm off to the bank cos we're going deep sea fishing, hopefully with a harpoon gun.

Yesense - Ep001

Crazy Golf and Cheese!

okay I lied about the cheese to get your attention, where are my keys to the castle?

Today we decided the best discourse of action was to go the exmouth, however I note we had a big breakfast in littlewoods first, 10 things + toast for 2.60!!!! incredible I know. Anyway, exmouth was much awesome ,weather turned fantesticle and we soon found ourselves froliciking among the sandicles. No swimming though, due to lack of stuff to swim in [insert joke about sea being dry or sommit]. We then got super duper ice creams and the day got better which english toffee involved. we then investigated the crazy golf device, which was much good, though nick was the won, I suspect alcohol. Then me and nick discovered we could go deep sea fishing 2moz! wikked.

What now you ask? well we went to an alcohol shop and we spent 53 quid on money. Scary. 24 bud ice for 12 quid? sexual. Rite I gotta go bold up the last post cos I forgot, plus we may go out.


Random Quote:


A nite of biodegradable drunkerdness

Oki, first of all, no more mentioning of the swayage theories anymore, its got way out of hand, with world leaders requiring instant advice 24/7, which has drained my resources for tosecond.

Anyway, I'm here to explain the wonderfullness of yesterday in its entierity, or sommit. With Nick and Dave arriving worryingly at similar intervals a number events occured which i shall share:

  • Went to Spoons, much beerage and burgers!
  • Nick and Me started causing havoc in back garden, beginning with burning things
  • This then involved some of our back wall falling apart, glasses breaking, tequila shots, Nick snorting sugar and salt, followed by me snorting flour, damn my eyes. Its still quite a tip out there now.
  • Walking to arena only to find it was shut
  • Perambulating over to the mega bowl, playing games and getting drunk, much fun
  • On walkback climbing over various devices etc and finding a HUGE new monument in the highstreet which we studied for like half an hour, hectic
  • Getting home and eating a pot noodle
Woke up today which a terrifically crap hangover, much annoying, but ah well, was probably worth it, hazaar!

Also have u noticed with everyone having mobile phones people rarely ask you what the time is in the street anymore? Things can only get worse.

Recent progress in the field of swayage

As you may have heard (through leaked sources) there has been another theory thrown out into the public, coming from someone we shall refer to as Mike. as thats his name, the theory goes like this (quoted):

Theory of Mike: Just think what other type of people tend to sway.... thats right- drunk people! The main difference between drunk people (who are full of energy) and old people (who aren't full of energy) is their speed. Therefore following the theories these tunnels should also make drunk people go faster which won't happen because these tunnels don't have a curry distributor located in them. The key therefore to making old people go quicker is curry.

I followed this theory all the way up the last sentance, when he concluded we needed to give curry to old people to make them faster. I then thought about it for a long time (during the time i typed the last sentance) and realised the principle works the same as with a rocket. It is a well known fact that curries increase the expulsion of methane gases. I pondered this during the next sentance (while trying to remember the word expulsion and eating a ham and lettuce sandwich) and decide what we need to adapt these tunnels similiarly to how mike suggested, we need curry distributing nodes are intervals to pick up the pace.

Now the problem is supplying these needs with a supply of curry, however if we have a central server or waiter as such, we could send the currys out through their own tunnels, if the server automatically sets the curry swaying when it sends it out. Good oh

Now finally I have an idea for expansion of the systems, some old people need to go places quicker than other old people, so! we need express tunnels.... how will we make these elderly folk go faster you ask in a high pitched voice? well after each curry node we will have a sparking device, and hence lighting the methane gas emitted, and propelling these folk along. An interesting concept I'm sure u can see.

Anyway enough of this, my main news is Nick's coming today, so I'm trying to prepare my liver for the on slaught. Dave's also coming today, which probably won't help my liver either. Happy April the 19th

Random Quote:

"i just thought u shld know, i had an all niter last nite, so not much sleep, havn't eaten much or drunken much. and this has made my pee very orange and a bit smelly" - Mark Cross... oh dear.

Orpington ho!

Unfortunatly no, I have not become the latest hoe in Orpington, we can all hope. However i just drove back again to drop off car. Coach at 6.30, nargh. anyway the main reason for this post:

On the way i thought of this problem, (which i may win the nobel peace prize for!):

I have noticed after careful observation that old people walk slowly because they use half their energy swaying from side to side instead of going in a forwardly direction. Therefore if we construct thin tunnels for them, they'll be unable to do this! and hence speeding up everyday chores and life.

Armed with this new discovery and the will to do good i contacted two highly acclaimed thinkers of our time. Adam and Dave....and soon two sub-set theories had been developed.. I will try and break them down into laymen's terms:

The Theory of Dave: First of all, there is the possiblity we could control their speed two slow them down for corners and "stuff". But as dave pondered, would they be able to stop for stuff? then with a cunning unknown, he also realised that this could also be adapted for penguins! However i was worried about exposing penguins to this until it was fully tested on elderly folk, also then I realised we could perhaps harness the power of their sway for the good of mankind!

The Theory of Adam: Adam on the other hand suspects something more sinister afoot. As he pointed out, it is also true that badgers also wobble a lot when walking....because of this they therefore must have been forced to live in under ground they can move more efficiently and rarely have to surface as they are more vulnerable above ground. Adam thinks they have got around this weakness by "disguising themselves as harmless silver heads, in order to infiltrate the human population and once again try to conquer england". (as apparently according to adam's insider knowledge they tried in world war 2, which he technically describes as a "piss poor" effort)

Okay so now, I have drawn together both of these theories and the original theory of swayage, and I have discovered that our world is a scary and dangerous place. We now do not know if the penguins are disguised as badgers! or badgers are disguised as old folk or even that elderly people are disguised as badgers who are disguised as penguins who are disguised as old people. OH GOD!!! to be continued......

The drive of justice and Valour!

wooooo, managed to pack all my stuff up and leave by 10am this morning to drive till merry exeter. Left with bright sunshine and a skip in my step (not the rubbish disposing variety). by the time i reached exeter (only took just over 3 hours! yahii..) it was all grey and my car was considerably wetter than not. Unfortunatly then I met louis at the house of danes, and he has gone even more insane, with one of our first conversations about peeing while upside and accidently drinking it. I made a mental note to try and pretend he didn't exist from now on. This is mostly unsuccessful with various situations... however I made a nice minced meat and veg on pasta me bob with chilli sauce or sommit.

Now gonna watch desperate house wives and sleep... like u care

The BBQ of rexxor's wonder

bra.......zilian caterpillars were not present at this bbq however food, beer and cunningness was! me tracey rex and dan managed to not sleep at all, mainly due to me managing to talk shit alll night, which i found mildly cunning. I'm tempted to harness my power in some machovelean way, possibly to lead to a totalitarian dictatorship, but perhaps thats just GCSE english subconciously affecting me.

Anyway, I think I ate more chicken that the average person, and much beer was drunk. Ruff managed to chip his tooth on a beer bottle (d'oh), spill pringles all over the place (d'oh) and then pass out from some sort of deadly reaction to blue bolt (sainsburie's rip off of tesco's rip off (kick) of red bull). In the morning many an error was discovered with our driver (dan) not having slept, russ being some what ill and tracey blaming me for keeping them up and making her laugh too much. I did make a friend in a worm though ,that turned out to be a part of a plant. damn.

to cap it all off, everyone got confused with my superb enthusiam at Ministry of Mayhem, and i vowed never again to dance and sing the end song without Nick by my side to distract people haphazardly.

Arsenal also won 3-0! yay for arsenal and the final. Now to sleep indefinatly, or until 7am 2moz

Random Quote

"feel my tooth! I don't care.. nyahrh" - a slightly sozzled ruffle

Interesting fact:

Apparently, if u had a house made of wood, vikings and thatch, without a chimney device, the top of this afformentioned (ooh yeah i like that word) house would reach temperatures in excess of 300 degrees (whether is Celsius or Fahrenheit i have no idea). Therefore, I have come to the conclusion that i don't really care about this fact.

On other news, mike's new site is apparently coming along pretty well, unfortunatly at hte current point in time its invisible.

Furthermore, because flash is too tedious to use, I've decided to turn Fred The Pirate into a comic strip instead, however, before everyone starts hoping for some sort of manga porn sensation, i must forwarn you that nudity will be kept to a maximum of 7 individual occasions per episode.

I'm too lazy right now, cos we're about to go to some drunkard bbq, or bbq or drunkard, I wasn't paying attention. With this knowledge in mind, I'm preparing for the possiblity of meeting Nick.

Random Quote

"Hi" - A Random person

Join The Mega Challenge!

okay here is ur task, find this product (new):
Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Complete Seasons 1 - 7 Box Set (39 Discs) - Region 2

for the cheapest english price!!!
(entry's must be cheaper than £139.99 delivered)

The winner wins a pint of fosters! ooh yeah

The Night of the Living Wallabys!

nah not really, but still a good idea. I'd like to thank mike for his suggestion for the cottage cheese problem, however his haddock idea could appear racist to the fish community, so I vote to spread it to all aquatic living creatures... true plankton is not probably the best way to remove a soft dairy based substance off someone's face, but we must push for equal rights. don't get me started on spaghetti.

Anyway, I've finished my webprogramming! which was rather sneaky of me really, plus I've just downloaded every Buffy comic ever, which I'm sure doubles my geek status to "Ultimate Geekage" or something similar. haw haw..... damn

Here's an interesting conversation I had with spud yesterday:

<@spuddle> i once cried when i was young. "why is nothing ever my fault? waaaah, i want it to be my fault this time mummy".
<@spuddle> "its always your fault and never mine, let me have a go"
<@spuddle> i then devised a cunning plan
<@spuddle> i would fall down the stairs
<@spuddle> and then it would be my fault
<@spuddle> naturally my mother didn't let me do that but i still managed to slide down a few steps on my arse, with each bottom collision i would giggle with glee and shout
<@spuddle> "that was my fault that was!" *bump* "that was my fault!" *bump* "and that one too! heheee!"
<@spuddle> Hmm I had an odd upbringing.
<@NikehThePikeh> sidles away from spud

Advice For The Day

Cottage Cheese is hard to get off your face when you are dreaming, the logistics are a nightmare.

The Day of Speed

Unfortunatly no, I have not turned into a hardcore druggy, instead my adsls been upgraded to 2mb/s and for 2 quid less a month! perhaps, either that or screwed up and we're paying twice now... luckily I'll be back at uni before they realise what hit them.

H'okay also check this monitor out, possible the greatest ever, when I steal bill (could be a film that) gates and his fortune I'm a get myself one of these.

I nearly done my webprogramming, I just need to design a java applet that can play wav files and is skinnable, or something similar. I'm assuming not the tribal sense of the word.... gaffaw...gaffaw....

After a long discussion in the pub last nite (yes i drank again, not much... damn my eyes) we have discovered that I talk more shit than the average, I will display this in a diagram:

-|- -|- -|-
^ ^ ^
normal shit me
person talker

wow that was awesome drawing, I should be the next michealangelo, minus the ceiling walking.

UPDATE: just realised the drawing didn't work.... I don't care either


who else thinks that tuna is good? I do for one, it tastes nice, is good for you and is awesome when u have the munchies. Unfortunatly lots of people complain about the smell, and therefore I have decided to invent a device to stop this problem . Yes, I know what your thinking..... that was a good Doctor Who episode, and cheese does in fact improve everything... however keep with me, yes, it does look like a baseball bat, but this is the beauty of my invention. Whenever the smell of tuna forces someone to complain, one swift blow to the face, followed to the kidney area, removes this pesty problem once and for all. With an added twist you could perhaps use one of my scripted scenes as well, in this one we see that Robin gets whats coming to him

Robin: Holy detuned cactuses batman! that tuna ain't half wiffy
Batman: Shut. Up. *proceeds to destroy Robin's left knee cap*

Highly useful I think you will agree. Away tonto!

On less concerning news, I have won the prize for most spectacular fall, after leaning against a door frame, but missing. All proceeds going to charity.

Random Quote Of The Day:
"maybe u were abused by a goldfish when you were a baby or something" Myles 'Spuddle' de bastion

oh dear

another stupidly hectical bbq, I was highly drunk, threw up this morning, cheese in fact. what a waste, unfortunatly it was unsalvageable cos it went in the loo.

Just found out has gone down?! not good tbh, ah well.

tpoo much work, *dies*

on a cunning note Man Utd lost. YAY! Chelsea Drew. Yay! Arsenal won. Wooohoo! so not that bad a day.

Interesting watch I found called sleeptracker, wakes u up at the best point in ur sleep, i.e. so u feel energized and not like u've just be slapped with some sort of sea fairing folk.

Now off with thee! for I 'art about to barf!


Highly hectical bbq/party few days ago, with drunkardness and food everywhere, mucho fun, especially with Dan slapping mark round the face and various bundling devices. We now are being more cool than a fool with a large tool used for fixing pools, by have a lan.... hl2, cs, tfc and ut all round then. mmm just had a chicken biryani from a curry place, damn good, but not as good as mr abdulas I fear,

anyway I gonna try and make people dance for me so..

Stupidly long since update whoops

Okay well I was hit by massive amounts of work and I kinda gave up doing this, however I did write a small notepad thingy for a while so I could come back and do some of the days. but I can't be assed, so here's the notepad thingy, w00t:

Wednesday : Rileys all day Skool girl nite

Thur: wop?

Fri: Yes bar, police, evil girls, townies NArgh, dave in nottingham

Sat: Mike went to plymouth, fell off stuff, twas funny,

Sun: today we came second in the pub quiz- Nick had to do a lap dance but couldn't manage it.

Mon: Hogshed, valentines day, arsenal

Tues: bowlin innit, Long meeting shite, watch game

Wed: Unknown

Thursday: Still unknown, may have been drugged...

Friday: went home today, went to pub twas fun

Saturday: woke up late, went to bromley, drank, went to london, club funny, sleep

Sunday: good trip, starbucks etc, quiz came 2nd,

Monday: today went to a place of fun that we call spoons, lots of work today, malibu and gin

Tuesday: worked 11-6 tuna, onion, salad and cheese baguette, then came home, ate, then watched aresenal die to bayern munich 3-1, henry move dammit!

Wednesday: Oh my god more work! till 5, dead, dying evil!

Thursday: Even more work, this = bad, till 6 but not finished! yay - may have gone spoons today?!

Friday: Went to girls house to say hi to people, and then town for money cashing. Possibly went to spoons for curry club, ordered way too much, curry, samosas, onion barG's, mike got drunk, I like jd wahey

Saturday: Went to town, somehow I got drunk just by being near stuff that was alcoholic, spent 30min trying to get alcohol, nick hacking me up, no jD!, got wine for 2moz, yay. Went to girls house, watched oc etc.

Sunday: Woke up at 12 and was tired! shocked, watched match we sucked cos we suxxor. Then went round mike, pete and dave's gaff for much goot roast dinner, well done ole chaps. Then went to pub quiz and we didn't win ANYTHING!. ah well

Quotes Of The Months:

"why do u need one. this is the modern generation. use a gun with some money.!" - Possibly mike? can't remember what it refers to, probably funny in context

"dude wanna go spoons now?"
"maybe. could do. excellent plan. lets live there."
"lol word me and nick going there now, come shag us in there" - the tried and tested way of convincing mike to go to the pub

"I want something big, something huge"..."thats not big!" - Mike once more showing his suaveness

"I'll have to give him a tootle on his horn" - oh dear mike...

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