The Night of the Living Wallabys!

nah not really, but still a good idea. I'd like to thank mike for his suggestion for the cottage cheese problem, however his haddock idea could appear racist to the fish community, so I vote to spread it to all aquatic living creatures... true plankton is not probably the best way to remove a soft dairy based substance off someone's face, but we must push for equal rights. don't get me started on spaghetti.

Anyway, I've finished my webprogramming! which was rather sneaky of me really, plus I've just downloaded every Buffy comic ever, which I'm sure doubles my geek status to "Ultimate Geekage" or something similar. haw haw..... damn

Here's an interesting conversation I had with spud yesterday:

<@spuddle> i once cried when i was young. "why is nothing ever my fault? waaaah, i want it to be my fault this time mummy".
<@spuddle> "its always your fault and never mine, let me have a go"
<@spuddle> i then devised a cunning plan
<@spuddle> i would fall down the stairs
<@spuddle> and then it would be my fault
<@spuddle> naturally my mother didn't let me do that but i still managed to slide down a few steps on my arse, with each bottom collision i would giggle with glee and shout
<@spuddle> "that was my fault that was!" *bump* "that was my fault!" *bump* "and that one too! heheee!"
<@spuddle> Hmm I had an odd upbringing.
<@NikehThePikeh> sidles away from spud


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