A conclusionary essay

I decided it was time to pretend I wanted to do my quantum computing essay, however the best way i decided was to make Stu do it, this was his effort:

Quantum Computing...

What really is Quantum Computing. Who knows, but what we do know is that computers are stupid. This leads many proffessionals to believe that Quantum theory should never be applied to something as stupid as a computer. The safer option, Scientists believe, is to base a Quantum computer on the Linux operating but first the Kernel must be Haxoored using the following command:

Haxoor -linuxkernel @ address:ad86e987;

this in itself produces a quantum computer ready for action.What can you do with a Quantum computer i hear you cry, well the possibilities are endless. A local computer Scientist called 'Bob Dylan' believes that Quantum computing will change our lives... He is quoted as saying : " I believe Quantum computing will change our lives" and so there you have it, if bob dylan says so who is going to argue?

One of the major benefits of Quantum Computing is that they will gnerate enough heat for the average pot noodle to be warmed through whilst it has been left upon the computer case. Another local Computer Scientist, Tom Barker (who has the pot noodle horn) says "i cant wait to haxoor up this quantum computing stuff, i cry, pot noodles, that warm whilst you wait-WOW!"

So there you go, I'm off to the bank cos we're going deep sea fishing, hopefully with a harpoon gun.


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