Interesting fact:

Apparently, if u had a house made of wood, vikings and thatch, without a chimney device, the top of this afformentioned (ooh yeah i like that word) house would reach temperatures in excess of 300 degrees (whether is Celsius or Fahrenheit i have no idea). Therefore, I have come to the conclusion that i don't really care about this fact.

On other news, mike's new site is apparently coming along pretty well, unfortunatly at hte current point in time its invisible.

Furthermore, because flash is too tedious to use, I've decided to turn Fred The Pirate into a comic strip instead, however, before everyone starts hoping for some sort of manga porn sensation, i must forwarn you that nudity will be kept to a maximum of 7 individual occasions per episode.

I'm too lazy right now, cos we're about to go to some drunkard bbq, or bbq or drunkard, I wasn't paying attention. With this knowledge in mind, I'm preparing for the possiblity of meeting Nick.

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