and uneventful day I suspect

well not much happened to do, I did some work this morning on campus, w00t.

I went to my gym and now my sweatband smells of kfc, I have a theory here about something, but its not worth the time, effort or extra long hankeys to explain it.

However on the way to the physics building, which nearly killed me due to number of stairs, I discovered if u type hope in an overzelous manner into a phone u end up with goose. I think we all know what I'm gettin up, man's savoir will indeed be our fellow goose, here isn't a picture of one - woot?!!

New oc is like Argh with the ooh and the omg, quite interesting.

I can safely say that banana shouldn't go in there either.

Random Quote:

Forget pi.l.l.s and - these do not work! The only clinical way to increase your s.ize by up to 32% is with our brand new e.x.t,e.n/ product. You will see results within days, both your le.n, and girt.h will increase substantially." - interesting email I got, I dunno about you but this seems like the perfect way to increase my arm le.n, and girt.h.


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