Once more, oh god my head

So we got drunk again, but nearly everyone was back, the place is a tip though so gotta clean that up soon. Alex passed out at one point, which we giggled at for a while. Bud ice is indeed the king of all beers, because even though my head hurts its not as bad as sometimes.

Here's a little ditty i wrote (well actually I'm making it up as i go):

There once was an ugly duckling
and it had stole my keys
there once was an ugly duckling
so I then asked mr jeeves
I said, where oh where are my keys
On the land or in the sea
and he said, shhh i'm sleeping.

thank you thank you, for my next trick, a blank line:

interestingly my lights aren't voice activated.

Random Quote:

"wunderbaa!!! (he exclaimed with great relish)" - Pete

Song of the Day:

Bill Haley - Thirteen Women


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