Sounds a bit fishy to me

Interestingly we went deep sea fishing today, and I caught a fish 1 metre long!!! but dude threw it back cos apparently it was only a baby one. Called a cobra/congo/cookeclumba, looked like a very fat eel to me that didn't like having a hook in its mouth and being chucked in a box. Apart from that we didn't catch any other fish, they mainly escaped :(. however nick did managed to catch the world, which was quite impressive until he couldn't reel it in and had to let it go. DAMMIt need to stop hitting ctrl+S....

ooh woman in house out of window seems to be examining her neck with a mirror for bite marks, damn those pesky exeter vampires. apparently u need to get naked when u've been bitten (you never know she may read this). anyway back to my fishing story. twas good fun we gonna go makeral fishing some time.

You may have noticed a start of a comic strip occuring on this amazing blog. however i havn;t and it shall never be mentioned again, shhh.

ah wait it looks like she's trying to attach her chin to her shoulder via her fist, an interesting concept if not somewhat flawed, haw haw wobble. anyway. everyone check out the new MSN, its quite cool with the whole showing what music tune ur playin.... whoa she changed top without doing anything, how she do that, dammit.... and itunes seems once again to be awesome and managed to send them to messenger. nice one mr apple.

Everyone play this game its good fun, very hard but i solved it eventually, to start off u need to click the grey flat box on the right then click the arrow etc. have fun and don't blow up the bell ya fools

Damn I suck at reading or keeping these posts concise, cos none of u read them, I cry. I may start a new thread of random thought tomorrow. I think I update this too often cos people forget to read stuff that isn't the most recent one so...


Random Quote

Dan: "mmm i'm so sexy, only problem is i only have 62 songs, leads to repeating"
Me: "i know what u mean, I only have 14091"
Dan: "sakhdnsak nf" - well exactly.

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