The Day of Speed

Unfortunatly no, I have not turned into a hardcore druggy, instead my adsls been upgraded to 2mb/s and for 2 quid less a month! perhaps, either that or screwed up and we're paying twice now... luckily I'll be back at uni before they realise what hit them.

H'okay also check this monitor out, possible the greatest ever, when I steal bill (could be a film that) gates and his fortune I'm a get myself one of these.

I nearly done my webprogramming, I just need to design a java applet that can play wav files and is skinnable, or something similar. I'm assuming not the tribal sense of the word.... gaffaw...gaffaw....

After a long discussion in the pub last nite (yes i drank again, not much... damn my eyes) we have discovered that I talk more shit than the average, I will display this in a diagram:

-|- -|- -|-
^ ^ ^
normal shit me
person talker

wow that was awesome drawing, I should be the next michealangelo, minus the ceiling walking.

UPDATE: just realised the drawing didn't work.... I don't care either


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