who else thinks that tuna is good? I do for one, it tastes nice, is good for you and is awesome when u have the munchies. Unfortunatly lots of people complain about the smell, and therefore I have decided to invent a device to stop this problem . Yes, I know what your thinking..... that was a good Doctor Who episode, and cheese does in fact improve everything... however keep with me, yes, it does look like a baseball bat, but this is the beauty of my invention. Whenever the smell of tuna forces someone to complain, one swift blow to the face, followed to the kidney area, removes this pesty problem once and for all. With an added twist you could perhaps use one of my scripted scenes as well, in this one we see that Robin gets whats coming to him

Robin: Holy detuned cactuses batman! that tuna ain't half wiffy
Batman: Shut. Up. *proceeds to destroy Robin's left knee cap*

Highly useful I think you will agree. Away tonto!

On less concerning news, I have won the prize for most spectacular fall, after leaning against a door frame, but missing. All proceeds going to charity.

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"maybe u were abused by a goldfish when you were a baby or something" Myles 'Spuddle' de bastion


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