At last the day has arrived!!!

Thats right guys and gals, its the time of month you've all been waiting for, underwear change day! So out with the old and in with the clean. no really.... I mean its really starting to smell now... seriously... change them. go.

In other news Pete's back with avengence, and although me and nick spent the whole day trying to do work we got too distracted by the damn iceland deals and ended up not really doing any. We did play squash though which was impressive, though we died after one hour, which was less good for all involved.

People watch Robot Chicken, its highly awesome and funny and politically incorrect, just the way we like them. Anyway I actually have to do work today, and I'm even missing Ministry of Mayhem to do it, plus Nick's not up yet and so i won't accidently get drunk. Plus I gotta get it done before dave and alex magically appear later in the day.... oh god hark, is that nick?

Random Quote

"Look here boys and girls! A bloody great squirrel! Lets see what happens when I twat it on the nose with a cricket bat and shove my fingers up its @rse." - Ruffle... guess its better than twonking it.

Sock Watch: Currently wearing one white donnay sock on left and one unbranded sock on right

Bra Watch: Concurrently I am braless


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